Oud Product

Oud Malinau

Wild-harvested from the same jungle in Malinau, Borneo, as our Borneo Jewel, this oud oil shares a common base with the former, but is crisper and woodier. Like the former, it is also distilled from wild-harvested incense-grade wood.

While Borneo Jewel was leafy-green sweetness with a good dose of vanilla, Oud Malinau has a crisp yet powdery-sweet note of apples which gives it a northern Borneo character.

There is an equal dose of citrus that reminds us of its Malinau origins, and makes the oil well-balanced in its fruitiness. The heart and base notes unveil sweet hints of honeydew melons, further broadening the fruit spectrum.

Oud Malinau has a very impressive lasting power on skin for an oud, and what makes it even more amazing is that it is an oil from Borneo displaying such potency. On the other hand, most oils from Borneo are light and disappear after a short while.

We don't have a lot of this fine Indonesian oil in stock, so claim yours before its gone!

Wow is Oud Malinau a longevity monster! A couple of TINY swipes above my wrist and it's still as strong as ever!I applied it at around 3:30 pm and now it's like 12:03 am and it's still going! That's like 8 and half hours later ...I am curious to know, does anyone else get the same longevity as I do?Such a beautiful Oud!
A.A. (Australia)

I love it! Smells even better than my sample from last time. It's a beautiful Borneo oud. One of the best I've tried and I have tried most of them.
G.C. (USA)

The Malineau is a happy oil, so light and uplifting.
M.D. (USA)