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Manaka Jinkoh

Where to begin?
And more importantly, where to end?

This is an oud so beautiful and perfect in every way, that you may be tempted to sell off your entire oud collection, just to get a bottle of Manaka Jinkoh.

From one of the oldest jungles in the world (the Royal Belum of Perak State, Malaysia), it boasts the rare quality of having everything in perfect proportion - something you only find in Vietnamese Kyara, and agarwood from a few west-coast regions of Malaysia.

The Japanese Rikkoku-Gomi classification of Manaka (真那伽) agarwood is predominantly described as avoiding biases for any of the five tastes over the others.

Manaka Jinkoh is 100% oudiness.
Forget about auxiliary notes. If you're craving fruit, have a banana. You want to smell flowers, go to a florist.
Because what you have here is pure oudiness in every single facet of its aroma.
Its an idea hard to conceptualize for many people, because high quality oud distillations generally have auxiliary signature notes with fruity or floral suggestions (e.g. plums in Cambodian, flowers in West Borneo). To imagine an oud of extreme beauty without any floral/fruity tendencies can be hard to imagine.
But that's precisely what Manaka Jinkoh is.

One of our highest quality distillations ever conducted, you don't come across oud of this calibre every day. By distilling in copper+glass apparatus (like Royal Chen Xiang), every facet of the scent spectrum was further beautified.

Some scientific fact bites for oud nerds:
Manaka Jinkoh is our first-ever distillation of west-coast Malaysian agarwood. Many of the sesquiterpene concentrations of west-coast wood are significantly different compared to the raw materials used for our previous Malaysian oils. For all intensive purposes, you may very well consider this a non-Malaysian oud, if you're going to use other Malaysian ouds as a benchmark.
For example, Agarospirol is close to the concentration found in wild Vietnamese Crassna agarwood -- double and even up to triple compared to our Johor, Pahang and Kelantan raw materials for our previous Malaysian ouds. Likewise, α-agarofuran is up to three times more abundant -- very close to Cambodian Crassna. And on the flipside interestingly enough, benzylacetone is a tiny fraction of the scent palette (whereas in Berkilau, it was one of the key components).
In short, the assortment of scent compounds is staggeringly different compared to every Malaysian oud you've tried before. If you blind-tested this oud, Malaysia might be your last guess as the source - as a matter of fact, you'd have a hard time guessing its origin at all: its all oudiness from beginning to end.

Prepare to experience a wonderfully accurate replication of Manaka, the most balanced agarwood of the Rikkoku-Gomi, and the crown jewel of Malaysia.

I don't have enough words to describe it and words wouldn't do it justice at all. That is the apex of oud oil never have I smelled an oil such Manaka (only Betonamu perhaps would make me change my mind), for the first time an oil literally made my mouth drool while I opened up the cap and smelled that irresistible perfume. Immediately I saw a golden almond covered by the finest and most delicate resin. That is perhaps the prettiest oud oil I ever smelled and yet keeps that oudiness and resinous dna that is so gorgeous. Matter of fact I believe that is the first time my wife said she liked an oud when I asked her to smell my skin so that is for me a great pleasure to hear such opinion from her and that tells a lot about how magnificent that oil is.
A.K. (France)

I am not sure there are words in the English language to describe this olfactory wonder. But when you said it was other worldly beautiful. It does feel like something from another planet. This is an oud with soul. I have felt the phychoactive effects from burning and chewing kyara. I got the same feeling from putting a tab of this on my wrist simply A-MAZ-ING!
B.J. (USA)

Unfurling on first contact is a blowing wind of sweetness I only stumbled upon in the most exquisite oud oils. A rarity in the agarwood oil distillation firmament. Manaka is Japanese for center from a literal sense, and it comes at no surprise for this oil to bring the best of the oud spectrum into a perfect equilibrium following its proper name. Among the Rikkuko Gomi it stands as the moderate representative of the agarwood community and a staid dignitary in the perfume cosmos. The sweetness is followed by a stream of zest reminecent of lemon leaves and grass, and the ambience surrounding it is nothing short of Kinamic along with a touch of bitterness to tame and curb the sky rocketing sweetness. It pays homage, as well as some of the other Rikkoku Gomi- based oils of Taha, to his Ketenangan, another phenomenal magnum opus of his. This is oud in its decent, full fledged grace. In its stability, it stands without a rival. Does it smell Malaysian? Not in the slightest! Does it turn you off because of a failure note? Not at all. As a matter of fact, you'll have a hard time trying to guess the origin of this olfactory kaleidoscope. This oud is also suitable for both genders, giving you no second thoughts about wearing it in public.
A.J. (Saudi Arabia)

okay, forget the name "Manaka" THIS IS "Bouraq"...! the Horse-like mythical anmimal tasked with carrying prophets and messengers. The high achieved by this Oud is stratospheric, hard to discribe in words. Order on the way
H.S. (USA)

Manaka starts beautifully ethereal with sweet almond and grapefruit rind, cool sweetness follows these notes. If i close my eyes it feels like i am standing in a bamboo forest with a clean breeze coming from the mountains. As it settles the oudiness oozes from wrist like it just dont care hehe. I didnt have any idea how well this oil projects but when I said to my brother to smell my wrist, he said i already smelled it as i walked into the room, so great projection.
F.A. (UK)

Thank you and may I say Congratulations! Some outstanding oils in this collection as always. I haven't yet been able to fully appreciate all that has been sent but I'm initially struck by 'MANAKA JINKOH'! WOW! What a beautiful oil and so full of impact. Increadably beautiful and memorable. your description....
Where to begin? And more importantly, where to end?
This is an oud so beautiful and perfect in every way, that you may be tempted to sell off your entire oud collection, just to get a bottle of Manaka Jinkoh. indeed SO apt. I feel blessed to have been able to sample such an outstanding product of your work. Thank you again and well done.
A.B. (UK)

Je viens d'essayer MANAKA JINKOH
Superbe huile , en effet. Un départ que j'ai trouvé "encens fumé" ,
puis semble ressembler à Jumanten à certains égards : est-ce que je me
Très agréable à porter , devenant de plus en plus addictive...
J.S. (France)

I’ve just smelled the Manaka Jinkoh. What a darling!
M.W. (USA)

The problem is that your Manaka Jinkoh is going to put these other two Jinkohs in the shade. There are aspects of the Manaka Jinkoh that remind me of [...] once it has settled on the skin. There’s a transformation from “oud” to something otherworldly within the first minute or so of wearing it. 
M.I. (USA)

The Oud Manaka is out of this world.
H.S. (USA)

Manaka Jinkoh, I just have to get a bottle immediately! Perhaps because it is devoid of other auxiliary notes, it gives a zen olfactory experience that reminds one of running streams surrounded by lush green pines in spring. If Manaka Jinkoh contains facets of Kyara, I cannot imagine what Betonamu would be when it is maximized for a full Kyara experience!
M.A. (Singapore)

Manaka is amazing. It's true, serious oud. It takes unexpected twists and turns upon opening, not the least surprising of which is a kind of blueberry-scented sandalwood! And then, once it reaches drydown, it transforms into this pure, concentrated OUDINESS that's lush, and deeply engaging to the senses. This is only oud that's ever seemed "edible" to me, yet without possessing any apparent taste markers, like vanilla of Borneos, or plums of Thais. I imagine Manaka to be more like a decadent tawny Port and bay leaf reduction - thick, syrupy, subtly sweet yet gently biting, and oh so rich! Mmm... like a grown-up accompaniment drizzled over a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
C.G. (USA)