Oud Product


Never in the past has such a splendid Indian oud graced AgarAura's collection, nor can I imagine any in the future coming close to it.

Distilled from a 70-80 year old wild-harvested tree from the legendary far-eastern state of Manipur in India, this is easily the most precious Indian oud you can lay your hands on.

Before Koh Kong became famous for agarwood in Cambodia, or Khanh Hoa in Vietnam, or Malinau in Borneo, Manipur long held the status of having the most sought-after agarwood in the world. One swipe of Manipura will show you why.

Traditionally, distillers have rarely been interested in capturing the aroma of burning agarwood chips in the oils they produce. To them, oud oils and oud wood are two completely different scent categories despite their common source. The distillation techniques employed are geared towards one thing: maximum yield, even if it results in an inferior aroma. This has especially been the case with Indian oud oils.

Then AgarAura introduced oils like Aatma and Royal Assam, a new breed of Indian ouds, crafted specifically with the aim of capturing the true aromatic essence of Indian agarwood.
And now, for the first time you have the opportunity to try an Indian oud of this breed, from the famed state of Manipur.

Like Nagaland Oud there is an abundance of dried cherries and sweet tobacco, as well as summer berries. But Manipura is unique in that it has more top notes than I have smelled in any other Indian oud, particularly an unusual lemon cream pie aroma that emerges a little while after applying the oil.
Dried cherries, berries and lemon cream pie scent notes it may have, but this oil is far from resembling a fruit chew or bon bon. These notes are inherently part of the aromatic composition of Manipuri agarwood.
Manipura also has some subtle peppery notes which are generally experienced when heating Indian agarwood and rarely seen in Indian oud oils.

A large part of the batch was sold before being officially released, so make sure you get your bottle of Manipura before its all gone!

Just writing to let you know I am enjoying the oils I have received. I particularly like the Manipuri, your description fits very well with what I am experiencing.
S.K. (Australia)

I find this the most complete and multifaceted oil, with all the elements perfectly balanced - and to me - perfectly wearable. While I think the term gets bandied about a little too much at times - this oil is legendary!
R.S. (Australia)

I tried a drop of the Manipura and it was amazing!!  Maybe one of the best Hindi ouds ever!  When I applied to my wrist it smelled as though I was burning the agarwood right on the spot. I love the tobacco and leather notes, but the fruity notes blend in perfectly as well, and no off putting notes whatsoever!
S.K. (USA)

The Indian oil is amazing....
A.H. (USA)

This is the first Indian oud I can honestly say that I love. It has made a believer of me! : )
...Even though this oil is rich and full and powerful, there is an ethereal quality, a... delicacy... that I personally have come to associate with great oud. I think it was created with a light and practiced hand... if that makes any sense?
Manipura is spectacular! When it's on my skin, I feel like I'm wearing art. It smells both ancient and new at the same time.
C.M. (USA)

The Manipura: a scent of suede leather immediately after swiping the oil. Some herbal notes accompany it after a few minutes.
Then the scent shifts towards sweet toffee and semi-dark chocolate. A very minimal barnyard base note seems to back up and enhance this scent combo.
Yet half an hour later the notes have unified in the delicious aroma of cedar and sandalwood- slightly bitter-sweet, woody and incense-y.
Longevity is excellent- it lasted more than eight hours, even though I had only applied a small swipe from the sample vial.
Manipura will make you fall in love with Indian Oud. This one can easily be worn at the office, or in public, as it comes without any off-putting notes.
T.S. (Germany)

Agar Aura’s Manipura is a melange of fruit paste, healthy barnyard, earthy and smoky wood notes. It opens with whiffs of dried raisins, blackberries and Brunello wine, which imbue the scents of life-giving loam and purring suede with ample sweetness.  As fruit notes fade, flame fingers tickling crimson leaves brighten, and dustings of powdered chalk add wisps of lightness to this brawny effusion. Russet and auburn colors, pastoral symphonies, sweet and umami tastes, and nappy and pebbled textures define this long lasting, rugged and sinew-y oud.
Rarely do I come across Indian ouds in which thick fruit notes play a dominant role so I am especially happy that Agar Aura has made Manipura available. Thank you, Ta!
M.W. (USA)