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Mardelong, better known as 'Phatthalung' today, is one of the southern-most provinces of Thailand.
Closer to Malaysia than Cambodia or even the more well-known agarwood hot-spots of Thailand itself, this region's agarwood is one of the most under-exposed in the world.

To date, Agar Aura has only offered one other South Thai oud before - Rakoku Jinkoh - and yep you guessed it... like the former, Mardelong is anything but what most people think of, when they think Thai oud.

Heady, complex, mega potent, this is the antithesis of mainstream Thai oud oils.

The aroma, summarized: a cross between Malaysian and Indochinese (predominantly Burmese) agarwood.

In more detail:
Extremely base-note heavy. The yield of the heavy base fractions was in fact so huge that despite the raw material being the same grade as Keo and Pursat Select, the oil's cost-per-gram dropped due to the unexpectedly massive volume of the heavy base notes portion of the oil; a whopping ~50% of the total yield.
And that's no surprise. If you smell heated raw agarwood from this region, it is among the 'heaviest' and deepest smelling of all the different species. Not to mention, displaying a huge assortment of flavors.

Dense Malaysian jungliness intertwined with Cambodian bronze tobacco. Malaysian tamarind dancing with Thai pepper and spices (think Dr. Pepper). Layers of Malaysian cola sandwiched between Burmese and Laotian 'hot earth' and Thai mineral-y notes. And most importantly: after about 10 minutes on your skin, the signature profile specific to this region alone emerges: a combination of crushed peppercorn, turmeric, mustard seed, tamarind, and earthy herbs (imagine the backdrop of most Japanese incenses).
Like the food and spices that grow in this area, the oud from this region explodes with a whole lotta flavor.

Mardelong is a solid $500-$600 level oil. The massive oil yield is what drove the cost down, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a heavy-hitter, for far less than than its true value.

mardelong is enchanting…
sweet and spicy oudy cherry vanilla cola, rhubarb sichuan pink peppercorn dynamic opening that morphs into a jammy floral spicy balsamic rose as the vapors clear… then dives back into cherry cola, prune, vanilla, marzipan…. with this ever present smoldering oudy spicy masala deep wood base… its an amazing ride and very unique…. i cant get over the ever changing dance of sweet and spicy..
well done my friend… starting 2019 off next level…
S.G. (USA)

Wow, what an amazing Thai Oud!
Bravo, Taha
S.S. (UK)

very Oudy and deep indeed. I tested it last night when the package arrived and then wore it again today, I never wear a scent twice in a row!
S.S. (UK)

Mardelong is the only Thai oil I’ve ever really enjoyed. Very incensy, like a piece of wood on a white coal. Impressed.
W.H. (USA)

Mardelong, is amazing, my nose definitely picks up the goodness of cambodian and the incency dry down leathery laotian and earthy back drop. I defenitly agree that this is a $700 to $800 oil and a steal at current price.
I.S. (USA)

I LOVE EVERYTHING the new releases. My favorite is Mardelong, I knew as soon as I smelled the sample that you included in my last order, that I needed a full bottle. I am at the beginning of my Oud journey, and have a very untrained nose, but I smell incense, and smoke. I Feel as it dries down I start to get some green notes.. I don't want to discount D'or and Neriko v3, they are both amazing, Mardelong just absolutely entrances me.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! for your wonderful oils, and your incredibly fast shipping.
T.F. (USA)

It is one of those oils that is a true standout imo. It has elements which are representative of incredible wood and true mastery of how to extract the essential oil.
The Kayu is a really good oil and I love it. But… (sic: Mardelong) is completely different level of experience. It is as easy to tell as night and day.
P.O. (USA)

Is it just me or there are a lot of similarities between Mardelong and P select?
Z.K. (USA)

Tried the Mardelong again today
Holy m...
M.I. (UK)

Mardelong very very nice mashAllah... Still studying it but I do somehow prefer it to the last thai
There is a smoother sweetness to it too.
T.G. (Dubai)

This is a Thai oil I can get down with. Nice depth to it.
W.H. (USA)

There is something very interesting to me about Mardelong. This smells pretty different from what I’m used to with Thai Ouds. There is a “soaring” quality to it and a special complexity I’m picking up just off the dabber tube, which is awesome.
W.H. (USA)

Mardelong offers more than the price suggests IMO.
M.B. (USA)

To my nose it's sort of a boozy oud with hints of tobacco, vetiver, vanilla and cola.
M.B. (USA)

Loving it. Not a typical Thai oud.
A.Z. (USA)

The Mardelong oh MaashaaAllah… It is reminding me of tokasan tai
The later aroma of merdelong is the first aroma of toksan tai Just amazing MaashaaAllah… Thai done right Hazrat
A.K. (USA)

• Sweet, what some call dried fruit note/dates, raisins, prunes. Toffee-like note in the opening.
• Expands w/a shy, parallel crystal forest green note.
• The dried fruits narrowly hover in the foreground in a haze of crushed mustard at a distance (no burn) w/some tartness. Moments of kaleidoscopic beauty.
• Tartness attaches to the fruits, changing them. Becomes a refreshing, faintly sweet fruit punch with an array of spices.
• A touch of sandal.
• Then, subtly soapy.
• Floral sandal.
• Powdery dates w/a strong floral undertone, sandal touching on citrus and soapiness.
• After a stretch of a hot, bright, somewhat sour, blindingly vague yellow tumeric note and the apparition of the initial brown sweetness that became akin to damp leather, it coalesces into a familiar, awesome note of faint leather, citrus sweet-tartness, bubbly vinegar, w/a hint of maple.
• A rich butter/ghee note peaks out.
• Sweetness fades. Faint brown sugar and Leather. Citrus vinegar prominant. Coy butter base.
• Drydown: citrus pepper and faint leather.
A.J. (USA)