Oud Product


If you were a fan of Kyoto and Baghdad then you will love Marrakech, our latest attar in the Smoke Infusion series.

Using guaiacwood paste as a base, a ridiculous amount of smoke was enfleuraged into it.
Like Baghdad, its steeped with the smoke of oud, sandalwood, and frankincense. But on top of that, Marrakech is also infused with the smoke of African Omumburi, myrrh, and benzoin.

This smoke-saturated base was so potent that despite sealing the container, the room that it was left to cure in smelled immutably of burning woods and resins.

The base was then additionally infused with molten frankincense, and given a distinct Moroccan flavor with exotic spices and florals.

You're greeted first by a waft of frankincense and rose. Saffron, cardamom and cinammon are just beneath the surface, and they come to life shortly after you apply the oil. A musky jasmine, fiery rockrose and zesty pink pepper are present as well, but they're knitted so tightly to oud and sandalwood that they're never overbearing.
The entire symphony of scents is swaddled in the aroma of frankincense and agarwood smoke.

Don't even get me started on how long the scent lasts. Authentic whale ambergris and benzoin absolute together with liquified frankincense oleoresin form such a powerful fixative that you may be surprised to catch a whiff of this attar on your sleeve, days after you applied it to your wrist.

Apply a swipe, and prepare yourself for one remarkable olfactory adventure!

Note: Marrakech contains only beach-combed ambergris. No animals were harmed in collecting any of the ingredients used in this attar. The remaining ingredients are botanical.

Regarding Marrakech, it very much reminded me of my trip to Morocco back in 2010. I bought some coarse agarwood/frankenscense crumbles for a trustworthy source there (which I still have), and your oil smells similar to it. It reminds me of walking about Jemaa el-Fnaa, beautiful memories. Exotic Moroccan cuisine, evident yet subtle frankenscense and pepper that finishes with a muggy smoke membrane. Masha'Allah.
R.N. (Canada)

The attar is exquisite. I love the way it smells and lasts. It will become a lifelong fragrance for me.
A.K. (USA)

So I didn't expect to order Marrakech this soon... I liked it the very first time I smelled it but I was like .."maybe later".. But Marrakech is like a pious woman with whom you get married in an "arranged marriage" kind of situation.. you obviously like her the first time you meet her .. but then you fall in love with her and slowly as the years pass by (in this case just days) that love gets stronger and stronger and eventually you are obsessed with her! :D That is the case with me and Marrakech!
S.S. (USA)

Your Marrakech is a thing of beauty and I cannot stop sniffing my wrist, love potion material!!
M.T. (Singapore)

Its a splendid blend, each day i breathe in its changed_on Monday I got cinnamon and the next day frankincense,then more floral .
C.T. UK)

Marakech is my baby..awesome product...
J.J. (USA)

Marrakech is amazing, but I expect no less now. ;)  It's really well blended, individual notes are hard to pick out in this one, there is a lot going on... I smell woody, smoky, spicy and oudy elements, and I had to read your description to recognize much more than that. This is a complex, powerful and very original scent, a great accomplishment.
D.C. (USA)

Before buying the sample I didn't read its description that carefully. Once it arrived and I put it on I immediately detected something from my childhood.. it took me some time and I was able to nail it.. it was frankincense as you mention in your description. Also it is difficult to believe how you were able to impart that much smokiness to it.. wow!  And yesss it does last very long.. everytime warm water hits your beard ..even after 12 hours you can smell the sweetness, smokiness and the frankincense present in Marrakech.. !
S.S. (USA)

As I walked past the cupboard with all my oils in it , I got whaffs of incense smoke coming from the sample of Marrakesh on the shelf,amazing as I was standing quite far from the cupboard.
T.D. (Australia)

First impressions: green & gold.
E.S. (USA)