Oud Product

Kayu Melayu

Woody, heady, MALAYSIAN... if you're looking for an oud with a zingy pick-me-up twang, look no further.
Kayu Melayu delivers, with style.

Wild-harvested raw materials, carefully inspected to ensure the tree was not abused the way many in Malaysia are these days (the use of chemical injections, poison - literally - and rusty nails, to trigger the resin formation), Kayu Melayu is an ode to wild, unadulterated Malaysian agarwood.
It literally means "Malaysian Wood" in the local Bahasa language.

This oud is archetypal Aquilaria Malaccensis, from the State of Kedah where literally no other species of agarwood is found. It is in fact referred to as 'Gaharu Asli' in Malaysia, i.e. the 'original agarwood'.

Completely stripped of the factors that typically shape the aroma of Malaysian oud oils, Kayu Melayu was painstakingly distilled with two aims:
(1) to preserve the "squeezed wood" aroma of the Malaccensis DNA, and
(2) steer clear of all foreign scent notes that usually shape the Malaysian scent profile, be they accidental or deliberate.

This here is straight up oud juice.

Wood, wood, and more wood. Even woodier than our old oils Hirta and Borneo Hutan. No funk, swampy notes, leather, decay, 'morgue smell', moldy cardboard or other such notes that often burden the Malaysian oud scent profile. No 'pretty' foreign elements either, like fruits or flowers.
Just straight up kayu. And a shimmery golden brilliance shining through the seams.

With a price tag that allows you to be liberal with your applications, and without sacrificing the painstaking craftsmanship standard of Agar Aura's hand-made oud oils, Kayu Melayu is a litmus test. If this oud sells well and you the consumer would love to see more oud oils of this grade and price-range, we will be delighted to bring you more budget-friendly oud oils, from other countries as well.

With round-ticket fares to Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand (and so on) for as little as $65, Agar Aura is strategically located in the heart of the agarwood world, making it easy to personally scrutinize, inspect, and approve batches of agarwood raw materials from every single country.

Love the price of Kayu Melayu?
Get yourself a bottle or two. Or more, if you love perpetually smelling like oud. And if you love it, we can follow up by making more budget-friendly oud oils for you from other countries as well.

It is a gorgeous oil. So unique and uplifting.
A.S. (USA)

Whoa. I'm never worried blind buying a bottle of oil from you. Kayu is exactly what I hoped it would be. You did an excellent job with the description! To my nose, after only a day of listening, I get the most beautiful "squeezed wood" scent for hours. For the price and the fact that the oil can trick me into thinking that I'm vaporizing Malaysian agarwood at extremely low temperatures (ie. No smoke) I'm stunned. So extremely happy. Thank you again, Taha.
You asked if people were interested in oils in the same price range from different regions... my answer is yes. Please. Thanks again, brother!
M.N. (Canada)

The Bright Piney/green note is intoxicating, followed by what you mentioned ‘squeezed wood resin’
T.Q. (Singapore)

This Malay is insane!! It's like golden sunshine through an exotic pine forest…
I think Kayu Malayu is Oud Of The Year
P.O. (USA)

Dude what is this oil????!!! I smell hints of <…>.. bitter kinamic notes…
Two hours in and this oil is turning little sweet with bitter notes while kyara is still bitter..
I am so blown away right now man
N.C. (USA)

the Kayu Melayu wow upon wow
There is a unique pine cone fragrance which I found in the oil… And I was thinking I have come across this note.
It took me a while and guess what… I found it in your Au Luong
A.K. (USA)