Oud Product


Al-Mendoos boasts some of the gentlest, friendliest, sweetest gummy-fruity Cambodian ouds that I have acquired over the years, in its short list of ingredients.

Osmanthus lovers, rejoice. I have long been obsessed with the sweet tea-like aroma of this flower, and it is not only part of this blend, but is in fact one of the dominant notes in it. All-natural osmanthus was used in this blend, which is very different from its synthetic counterpart.

A hint of cedar gives the oil a touch of bitter woodiness which otherwise was absent given how gentle and sweet the ouds were that comprise the base of this blend.

Al-Mendoos is ideal for ladies, who love oud but are worried about overwhelming others with its scent; its perfect for people whose partners still haven't surrendered to the spell of oud; and its great for men who (like me) enjoy florals alongside oud.

Rugged woodiness tamed by sweeter fruity-floral highlights. Let yourself fall in love.

I may never wear regular perfumes again, and I'm just wading through the mukhallats! Of the four I tried this week, I believe this one was the best. The osmanthus in it was just enough, crisp yet mellow enough to give it a bit of brightness. I picked up the oud easily and I'm pretty sure some sandalwood but it's not mentioned on the website. Cedar, yes, but I didn't really get cedar as much as I got sandalwood. This one uses Cambodian oud, which I've determined I like but will know better once I try the pure oud samples. I really loved the leathery, woody, and floral aspects of this one. In fact, I was in an all day meeting again and it didn't feel awkward at all. In fact, several times I was wondering who smelled so good only to find out in the car on the way back it was me. Something kinda fruity/musky/floral was slipping soul I believe.
C.S. (USA)

I just received my order of Adaina Dento and Al-Mendoos. I want to congratulate you on two more PHENOMENAL fragrances. Absolutely phenomenal Meshallah. Let me know if you are planning on running out of Al-Mendoos anytime soon. I would definitely be interested in buying an entire tola before its finished.
E.M. (USA)

Guess what, I found a new love :) You wouldn't think but Al-Mendoos is the one. I guess, floral/s with cambodi is the magic blend for me. Bakhoor like smokiness, not a burnt feeling but just the right amount, beautiful floral sweetness, and the deep multidimensional cambodi (just like all of your oud oils). Beautiful, beautiful work of art once again. Congrats brother Taha!!!.
G.N. (USA)