Oud Product

Minyak Merauke

We are happy to present Minyak Merauke, a fine oud hailing from the southern Papua island region of Merauke.

Northern Papua oud oils distilled from agarwood of the Gyrinops genus typically smell cool, green, minty and piney. Merauke oils distilled from Aquilaria Filaria agarwood, on the other hand, are the ultimate base note oud. You can't get an oud smelling any deeper or darker.

While steam distillation is the most suitable method of extracting oil from most Indonesian agarwood, using traditional distillation is ideal for agarwood from Merauke. This oil was extracted using traditional distillation methods, which intensifies the darkness of the smell of southern Papua oud, and gives it a smoky flare. Of all the ouds we have carried to date, this oil is the one that smells the most like the smoke of its wood when heated on a live coal.

The opening note is intensely woody. Dark woods and an after-rain muddy note dominate, transporting you to the depths of a Papuan forest just after a morning drizzle. Subtle accents of coffee and cacao beans soon emerge, as do other spicy herbal and foresty notes as the scent develops. The oil dries down to a flawless pure wood scent.

If you enjoy the dark woody character of our Oud Bengal and want another oud oil with a similar profile - only further intensified - you don't want to miss out on Minyak Merauke!