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Mokokchung Oud

"What is this? Is this really oud?"
This may likely be your first reaction when you smell Mokokchung Oud.

Technically, this is Indian oud. But as far removed from traditional Indian ouds as you can imagine.
This is mountain oud, a distinct category in and of itself.

Hunters have long known that agarwood trees growing in mountainous areas yield the sweetest smelling wood, especially those from craggy cliffs. Mokokchung Oud will show you exactly why agarwood from mountains are so special.

The gentle sweetness of wildflower honey is the most accurate simile for the aroma of this oud. It is already the well-known key feature of agarwood from this region, but extracting the oil from it makes it even clearer.

There is no burst of overwhelming notes when you first apply the oil; the opening is silky smooth but that doesn't mean its lacking in potency. It is potent but smooth, from beginning to end.

As with most of Agar Aura's Indian oud oils, which stand in stark contrast to mainstream 'Hindi ouds', the key focus is to capture the most accurate expression of the agarwood oleoresin. In the case of Mokokchung Oud, its unique geographical origin gives the oil the most beautiful scent notes imaginable. Honey, sweet fruits, sassafras and anise are intrinsically part of the aroma of agarwood from Mokokchung, and they are especially pronounced in this particular oud due to the unique distillation techniques employed for crafting the oil.

Mokokchung Oud was extracted from very old trees, close to a century old. The resulting richness in the oil is clearly evident, and the unique techniques implemented by the distiller (the only one in India using these techniques, to my knowledge) ensured that the aroma is presented in the most brilliant and most accurate way possible.

For a limited time, every full bottle purchase will ship with a free sinking-grade agarwod chip. Aside from the rarity of such wood (sinking grade Indian agarwood is technically extinct), you will also be able to see for yourself how remarkably accurate the scent of Mokokchung Oud is in capturing the aroma of high grade Indian mountain agarwood.

Can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to wear it: believe it or not, this is the exact scent profile I've been chasing for the past several years! Seriously. A while back, when I was a doe-eyed Hindi oud novice, I stumbled across this sort of fragrance. I can't remember specifically the origin of that oil, other than it was a Hindi. The scent was so powerfully evocative, so different, that it imprinted in my memory like a first kiss.
Fast forward to today, I nearly screamed when the drop of MO started to warm up on my skin! This was it - the ghost of hay fields steeped in milk and honey. Ahhhh. Yesss. Love....
C.G. (USA)

The Mokokochung oil is pretty special - many layers to explore :)
R.S. (Australia)

Lasting about 24 hours and yet not long enough. Very much like Qademe with a sweet side.
C.D. (USA)

The Mokochung is super impressive.  I have and really like the Nagaland I got from you, which was very unique for an Indian oil as is this Mokochung.  Even more refined.  The most elegant Indian I have ever experienced for sure. Yet quite powerful!  I was surprised and really enjoyed the strength and lasting intensity.  It has a comforting quality...not sure if that is the right word, just a very satisfying oil.  Quite special.
J.P. (USA)

It may be the most beautiful Hindi I have had the pleasure of sampling.
S.K. (Ireland)

L.M. (USA)

A couple of swipes of mokokchung and I was off on another wild AA oud ride.  Wow!  How in the world do you get so many subtle, not so subtle, and beautiful fragrances from wood?!  I smelled honey, vetiver/something a bit zesty/citrusy, clean (awesome) loam, subtle leather, smoke and wood, and on and on, as it slowly morphed on me.  I will enjoy this oil again tomorrow, no doubt.
I think I ruined the undershirt, fyi.  Stretched it out too far trying to get my nose further in to inhale the oud more deeply.  I know, TMI . . .
L.M. (USA)

Thick with the sweet scent of tart plums, black licorice and barberries, Mokochong’s dense heart of dry, rough-sawn wood is anchored in primal, kneaded leather. The imposing depth of its notes reflects the grandeur of the almost century year old trees from which the oil was distilled, while its clarity and transparency mirror the clean air and conical crispness of its mountainous home.
Whenever I get a new oud I put my nose to the neck of the bottle and inhale deeply, not once, but over and over again. No matter how deeply I inhale, or for how long, I haven’t been able to get to the “bottom” of Mokokchung (unlike other oils, where the scent is immediately apparent but flattens out and then disappears pretty quickly). Not only does its lustiness draw me further and further down the rabbit hole; it lingers in my nostrils the way the taste of a good quality tea fills my mouth after swallowing.
Although the fragrance is powerful it is one of the mellowest Indian oils I’ve encountered. Some Indian oils are aggressive and bombastic; others are stately and dignified and some are downright skanky. Mokokchung is rich but subdued, dense but languid, ripe yet clear. It has maturity, aplomb and an understated vigor. I may never be able to reach its bottommost depth, but I know I’m going to enjoy myself trying.
M.W. (USA)