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Nagaland Oud

Nagaland. No, its not a Bollywood horror flick. Its one of the east-most regions of India bordering Myanmar.

It also happens to be one of the hotspots of agarwood cultivation in India. Which makes Nagaland Oud all the more unique, because this magnificent oud is wild-harvested. And its going to make you fall in love with Indian oud all over again.

When Royal Assam was released, I had promised the release of more unique high grade Indian ouds. Nagaland Oud is the first sequel. And as far as I know, its the first wild-harvested oud from this region to be made available in the west.

This oil does not have the plums and apricots of ouds from Meghalaya. Nor does it have the typical generic aroma of oud from Assam. To some of you, this may be the best Indian oud you ever smelled.

There is no hay, nor vetiver grass, but there's plenty of sweet flue-cured golden tobacco. Instead of fall fruits like plums and nectarines, you only find cherries. Sticky, aromatic dried cherries. Lots of them. Before you know it, a delicious bitter-sweet almond note emerges as does the most unexpected note in an Indian oud: freshly ground sweet fennel.

Hours later, as you sniff your wrist, the only thing you'll think of is bubbling Indian oud chips on your favorite incense burner.

Nagaland oud is easily the driest Indian oud you'll ever come across. It has an excellent balance of balsamic and dry woody notes - not unlike Blood Cedar. This dryness makes it perfect for wearing all year round.

A captivating aroma, powerful sillage and excellent longevity - you just can't go wrong with this oud oil.

What astonished me most was that the scent of the oil is identical to the afterscent of the burning chips. Sweet molasses, cherries, and Indian agarwood smoke. This is a very nice Oud, a must-have.
T.S. (Germany)

Just got the Nagaland oil sample and the wood chips in the mail yesterday.
The oil is probably my favorite Indian oil I've sampled from you. It has a nice dry woodsy accord. A nice oriental spiciness that I quite enjoy. It also has very smooth undertones. It doesn't seem to contain any off putting barnyard type notes. It's actually quite fruity like oils from Southeast Asia. I can smell the apricot and figs. I hope I can procure a full bottle before they sell out.
The wood chips are rather nice as well. They contain that spiciness I mentioned about the oil. They smell quite similar. I am more than happy with my purchases!
M.J. (USA)

Just tried Nagaland Oud. So smooth, liquorish but dries down to a spice I can not quantify. Complex oder that takes me through succession of different feelings. I love this one as much as T S!
C.G. (USA)

Alright. This oil is beautiful. I think I desperately need want another bottle.
FWIW, virtually everyone who's smelled it so far has loved it.
E.S. (USA)

what a corker ..i was going to mention that fleeting glimpse of liquorish glad im not imagining that...
C.S. (UK)

I didn't think I would like Indian oud oil, but Nagaland is really something!
Thank you for the amazing products!
E.H. (Hong Kong)

Cherry, tobacco & sweet almond. It's the marzipan of ouds!
Seriously, this oil is wonderful. The sweetness of the cherry (which is the most prominent of the 3 overtones) is beautifully balanced by both the Hindi profile & the tobacco. The cherry note is hugely prominent when the oil is first applied, but then recedes into the blend over time. Beautiful stuff. In fact, I like it so much I'm thinking about buying a 2nd bottle.
Thanks for telling me about this one, Taha. I love it. I think you have another winner on your hands.
E.S. (USA)

I think in the Indian oud I'm picking up a burning oud smell almost similar to the chip you gave me.
T.A. (USA)