Oud Product


A different take on mukhallats, Al-Naqi oil is vibrant and zesty, compared to its usually more serious, heavy and barnyardy mukhallat cousins. 
Bright and invigorating as a summer scent, yet spicy and woody for colder days, this mukhallat can be worn all year round.

The opening note consists of Omani frankincense, Italian bergamot and Taifi rose. Sandalwood subtly and seamlessly binds the top notes with the deeper woody note of Thai oud in perfect harmony. A tobacco-y base gives the oil a cool warmth - a description that would be a contradiction in all but the realm of scents.

She danced effortlessly, her leaps suspended weightless in air, her glissades lighter than Springtime. Only in the arms of her partner did she take human form, his warmth and strength nesting her, keeping her grounded. Liquid warmth embracing pure light.
M.W. (USA)

I have received a bottle of Mukhallat Naqi couple of weeks ago and had a chance to try it few times. The first time I smelled it I was blown away by the delicate smell emanating from the vile. it did bring tears of joy to my eyes. Smells has this kind of power of triggering emotional tug. There are fruity notes on top and woody backgrounds. Love it. Thank you Taha
H.S. (USA)

Couldn't resist had to get some more of the Naqi It is one of my favourites I have nothing of this class in my small collection
M.R. (UK)