Oud Product

Nha Trang No.2

If you loved our previous Nha Trang incense sticks, you have reason to rejoice.
At 40% less than the price of our first offering, this new batch brings you an excellent daily-burn stick that's easy on the wallet. Use these in conjunction with an incense casket* lined with ash, and you can instantly jump up 2-3 grades in terms of the aroma quality.

And here's what's even more exciting: although the wood used for the first batch was higher grade-wise, quality-wise this new batch is superior.
Best of all: burned on a bed of ash, this batch displays strong hints of the most coveted agarwood in the world: Nha Trang Vietnamese Kyara.

If you have never experienced the aroma of raw Nha Trang agarwood bubbling on a censer, now with these convenient sticks you have no reason to miss out.
These incense sticks are straight raw agarwood with just enough Makko powder to hold the stick together.
You love smelling of oud. Now you can make your space smell of oud too!

Scent notes: Sweet wood, cherry preserves, Chinese herbal apothecary, sweet resin, bittersweet finish.

Product Information:
Batch: NT2
20 grams per tube
Stick length: 20cm
Burn time: 35-45 minutes

Ingredients: Agarwood, makko powder

* A flat-bed incense holder (like this) with a base layer of ash or charcoal powder is strongly recommended. When burnt like this, non-combustive heat from the glowing cherry spreads in a wider circumference, coupled with a staggered combustion rate (i.e. longer burn). The result is a magnificent emphasis on the aroma of the oleoresin with less smokiness.