Oud Product

Nippon Koh

The success of our unique Mukhallat Al-Naqi inspired me to make a new creation that would also be unique and something never experienced before.

When most of us think of oud, we think of the dark, fragrant perfume oil popular in the Arabian tradition. Few realize that there is another ancient tradition in which oud is prized as the finest scent: the Japanese tradition. In fact, the refinement of oud in the latter surpasses that of the Arabian tradition.

We have tried to capture the refinement found in all things Japanese; a delicateness humming inside a brilliant crystal that would shatter from all but a soft whisper.

The opening greets you with a green resinous top note crowned by a frosty camphoraceous spiciness. Almost immediately thereafter, sandalwood enters and flaunts her own creamy woodiness before heralding the arrival of Oud.

He enters slowly and with dignity. His regal nobility is balanced with forbearance, as he is not keen to steal the spotlight. His royal purple blends with the brown and red of the courtiers. The scene is so magnificent that it will overwhelm you, until you think you have become anosmic to the scent. Silence.
A light breeze gently glides through autumn woods. The scent slowly reappears. It is woody and dry, speckled with spices and subtle hints of vanilla and musk.

In the Japanese tradition, high grade incense is used more for enjoyment and its psycho-active effects. It is not intended to impart a long-lasting scent, but is rather enjoyed while burning. In the Arabic tradition, on the other hand, it is used for scenting oneself and is longer lasting. True to its namesake, Nippon Koh ('Japanese Incense') is not a fragrance that is meant to last 24 hours on the skin. It should be worn more for the substance of its scent than its longevity.

The drydown on this puppy is absolutely stellar and is indeed very reminiscent of fine Japanese Agarwood incense.
E.S. (USA)

I just received my Mukhallat Naqi and Nippon Koh today. I'm wearing the latter and it is really lovely. The frankincense is dominant I think, and I have had a wonderful aura much like Amoauge Jubilation XXV (one of my faves), but softer, a little more powdery in a good way, and hours later, if I smell my arm, deliciously Oudy! Egad!
R.S. (Australia)

Just want to express my newfound love for Agar Aura's Nippon Koh! A beautiful mukhallat with contrasts of sharp and soft. Dry woods & incense with a hefty dose of oud. I do believe that this experience is not to be missed! If you have any fondness for Naqi, then this one should blow your socks off.
L.K. (USA)