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Oud Kampuchea

After running out of Cambodi Sultan, I rang up the distiller and told him I wanted another oil just like it. Over the course of the next several months, he gave me samples of new distillations, each one more disappointing than the previous. I was convinced that Cambodian oud was history, for AgarAura.

Then things changed.
He managed to get wood from the Roneam Doun Sam forest in western Cambodia. What I found most exciting was that the resin formation in the heartwood was estimated to be 7-9 years old. Words cannot express the excitement I felt - the oil was a visage of antiquity. This is what true Cambodian oud would have smelled like if it was distilled half a century ago.

So what is this oil like? It opens with a translucent ethereal quality. It flaunts classic Cambodian oud notes of plums and figs. A limpid resinous top note crowns the scent, and as the oil develops on the skin hints of nectarines and peaches emerge. The opening smells more red and purple, while the heart is more yellow and gold. If you were a sucker for Cambodi Sultan's fruitiness, Oud Kampuchea will have you swooning.
The bright top notes are grounded by a lower-register dark, deep woodiness - a seriousness hardly seen in Cambodian oils these days.
The oil dries down to a flawless sweet, resinous, woody accord.

Most oud oils from this region are created using low quality raw materials and poor distillation techniques. Usually the agarwood is rotted prior to disitllation to impart a superficial depth to the end product, which is then aged to tame the dark fecal and pungent notes. If this is not done, you get the more pleasant smelling variety of Cambodian oud - but they smell flat and lack depth and complexity.
The impressively old resin formation in the trees used for crafting Oud Kampuchea ensured that the oil had a a deep and dark base without having to rot the wood prior to distillation, and optimal distillation techniques preserved the mouthwatering top notes that are the hallmark of any fine Cambodian oud oil.

Discover why fine Cambodian oud is the most universally loved variety of oud. Treat yourself to a bottle today.

Oud Kampuchea is an absolutely beautiful oil. I am stunned in the wake of its magical splendor and diversity of character. Very deep, and one of the most complex Cambodis I have come across so far. There is plenty going on with Kampuchea to play with my senses and leave me intoxicated in its aroma. Kampuchea is surprisingly bold too. It is not a quiet or totally linear Cambodi. It asserts itself, unafraid of showing its true colors with real confidence. Kampuchea’s maturity also lends to a feeling of seriousness that I often do not find in Cambodian oils. It is deep. It is still. It draws one into contemplation of its radiant resinous core, sweetly penetrated by notes of fruit. It is a true Oud oil that invokes a sense of the sacred.
N.P. (USA)

Put on the Kampuchea this morning after not wearing it for a while and can't get over how much I love it and so I finally pulled the trigger on the full bottle.
M.M. (USA)

Oud Kampuchea is for me truly amazing. Ive come across things on the internet describing opening a bottle of Borneo oil like a genie comes out holding a cornucopia of fruits. well this Cambodian oil came as close to that for me as possible... I was also fascinated that the price of this is less than others, while having all great qualities. Of course i was not expecting anything less than your reputation and the reputation of of your oils has suggested. these are certainly a testament to artistry. Please continue with such high standards. I'll be looking for more new things on your site.
J.S. (USA)

It's a really lovely oil. I got notes of dried figs, raisins, peaches, honey...a classic, yummy, fruity Cambodian. Love it!
E.S. (USA)