Oud Product

Pursat Atique

Our third 'Atique' (Arabic for ancient / vintage) Cambodian oil pulled out from my private collection, this one is from the infamous Pursat jungle – one of only a handful of genuine 'old school' distillations of wild Pursat agarwood that I am aware of. 

Like the formerly released Atique oils from Koh Kong and Siem Reap, Pursat Atique underwent substantial aging, which turned this oil into a remarkable reflection of the scent of old-growth Pursat agarwood chips. 
Pursat agarwood remarkably has a lot of overlaps with wild Hainan agarwood, and this oil highlights those salient features nicely, setting it apart from what one would consider more 'typical' Cambodian notes.

The oil glides like honey in the bottle, and goes on the skin slightly sticky. As your skin warms it up, the scent comes alive too.  
There are certainly the chewy toffee notes, pipe tobacco, and hints of plum and fig – similar to oud from the sister province of Koh Kong. But the toffee is infused with black pepper, the tobacco is drier, and the fruitiness is more merlot than fruit bread spread. There's black tea and a dash of labdanum. And of course, that 'green gold' zing you find in genuine agarwood from Pursat, Hainan, and northern Myanmar. Rounded out smoothly with age, it's less bitey than fresher Pursat distills.
No barn or off-notes whatsoever. Just pure Pursat agarwood liquor.

If you find yourself enjoying old school Cambodian oud oils, you don't want to miss Pursat Atique. 
Old oils from Koh Kong are (relatively) easier to get a hold of, and Thai fakes are all over the market often being passed off as vintage Cambodian oils.
As for genuine old school Pursat distillations, they are the rarest of the lot. Pursat Atique happens to be the only vintage Pursat oil in my private collection. This is your chance to collect a rare relic of history.