Oud Product


You’ve smelled Malaysian oils that smell like raw agarwood — the likes of Kemewahan. You’ve experienced the vibrant Cantik Candan, and Oud M1 with its lighthearted bright and jungly character.

After presenting to you the three primary permutations of Malaysian oud, we now present to you Pencerahan.

This oil represents all three of the key updates in Agar Aura’s distillation philosophy.
The raw material used was the finest ever used, for any Agar Aura oil produced here. Not only in terms of the wood’s rich oleoresin content, but also based on the qualitative aromatic factor (fans of the Japanese Monko tradition will appreciate this the most).
At the pot level, we used not one but two different copper alloys as well as stainless steel for the richest aromatic conversion from wood to oil. A massive ultra-efficient glass condenser and fractional collection system was used for quickly converting the rising biosteam to liquid.
Finally, Agar Aura's new distillation techniques were implemented, which transform the menial task of cooking agarwood into the process of creating a work of art.

What's most fascinating about this oil is that the extraction techniques directly resulted in the amplification of the natural vanillin (powdery, creamy sweet), benzylacetone (herbal-fruity, floral) and furan (cinnamic-peppery, spicy-sweet) components. Which is perfect... because these three aspects were the best features of the agarwood that this oil was extracted from.

Perhaps you are now starting to realize why we consider Agar Aura's new distillation techniques to be a union of art and science.
But enough technical talk, lets explore what this oil has to offer.

Pencerahan is a fascinatingly accurate approximation of the aroma released in the vapor of heated high grade agarwood. This oil will overcome your senses until all you can think about is the glowing aroma emmanating from you.

What does it smell like? Smoking Super King grade agarwood, period. To describe it any other way would be to do it injustice, so instead, I will describe what the agarwood smells like...

Recently, some of you managed to acquire some Super King grade wood from us. Pencerahan smells identical to that, I mean absolutely identical.
The wood had spicy notes, somewhat like a combination of nutmeg and cinnamon. There were sublte floral notes, not like any particular flower, rather 'floral-agarwoody' would be the best descriptor. It also had a sweetness, not fruity, floral, or candy-like, but again 'sweet-agarwoody' would be the best descriptor. The closest metaphor I can think of is a combination of dried mullberries and vanilla.

I am very excited because I have finally discovered the secret to perfectly capturing the aroma of Malaysian agarwood in oil form. You must forgive us for our over-zealousness, because we ended up using such high grade agarwood that the cost of this oil is quite high -- but now that we've discovered the perfect distillation setup and techniques required to capture the elusive aroma of heated Malaysian agarwood so perfectly, you can expect to see more oils of this nature at more affordable prices as well, with region-specific as well as species-specific scent profiles.

For now though, rejoice in the fragrance of the finest offering of Malaysia: the aroma of Super King grade agarwood, in a bottle.

You know that feeling you get when your favorite sports team or, race car driver pulls off a miracle and, you feel blessed to have been there, in that moment. Its the type of exhilaration that makes you cheer and, jump out of you seat with uncontrollable joy. That's the feeling that washes over me when I smell Pencerahan.
J.C. (USA)

The hands down mirrored effect of burning chips is just mind boggling!
C.G. (USA)

I'll need some time with Pencerahan, but it's the best oil from Agaraura I've ever tried. Has that vaporous Kinamy opening
These oils have a certain transparency and clearness about them, it's difficult to put in words.
A.A. (Croatia)

It’s hard to believe Pencerahan is Malaysian! It’s quite unlike any other Malaysian oil I’ve smelled, being totally devoid of the mulchy damp notes I’m accustomed to associating with them. It soars with clear and crystal terpenes, rindy notes of neroli brigarade, bright citrus notes of lemon myrtle, tender balsamic notes, hints of the ripe sweetness of golden nectarines, the nutty scent of sunflower seeds and a trace of premium Madagascan vanilla. After a while some deeper notes of moist tobacco and sweet clover begin to surface and there’s a soft, powdery dry down that reminds me of some favorite notes when heating wood. It’s sunny, energizing, playful and dynamic- the kind of oil I want to wear when I’m anticipating meeting a favorite friend, on my way to a long-awaited event or when I’m in a super good mood and feeling especially joyful.
M.W. (USA)

Brilliant oil. An excellent balance of sweet, smoke and spice with no off notes.
T.P. (UK)

Pencerahan has the best longevity in dry down of all oud oils I have ever had the pleasure of.
S.K. (Ireland)

I'm sort of enamored with this one. Took about a day to get there, as it was powerful and sort of masculine at first (which really isn't something I'm normally concerned with but somehow this time had an impact). It's so very very different, and time and time again, as I catch whiffs, it just really strikes me how reminiscent this is of burning chips. I mean I put my nose to it, and it instantly takes me there.
C.G. (USA)

Pencerahan is an amazing rich medley of spices, mouthwatering dried berries, permeated with unmistakable scent of burning chips.
Customer (USA)

Pencerahan est pure ! Cette huile m'a rappelé Sultan´Solace : la pureté d'un bois lumineux mais en mieux encore... Il peut y avoir une petite odeur moisie , au départ ( et je sais que celle-ci peut en rebuter quelques uns) , mais vraiment , après , lorsqu'on porte cette huile , cette odeur finit par disparaître pour donner un parfum addictif , très distinct . Et le fond , incroyable ! Je ressens une odeur très étrange , que je ne parviens pas à qualifier , spécifique au Oud . Ce Oud , qui à l'origine , m'a profondément attiré , mais sans qu'il y ait de notes caravane , ou basse-cour.
J.S. (France)

Pencerahan, crystal clear vapour and powdery resin, a heavenly smell, nothing to take nothing to add to it. This is something one always hopes from an oil but rarely gets. Like smelling some crazy flowers that have only one chance to attract whatever insects could pollinate them and a whirl of fantasy berries, resin, and more resin, no wood at all. Wild strawberries and raspberries, pomegranates producing vaporous and cooling incense, narcissus exuding resin. And it doesn't stop doing that, releasing vaporous stream. Makes me want to forget words and just enjoy. and then it gets a little green fresh, like smelling fresh roses with leaves still on them, or accidentally discovering unknown small impossibly fragrant flowers. This oil is complex and yet at times deceivingly simple, faint lilac-likeness during short inhalations, later moss made of petals, temperament of kewda, presence of nature, softest peppery. I could continue listing what it reminds me of, but it still wouldn't explain what I'm smelling.

The scope of fragrance somehow expands in high quality oils, there are high and deep notes not usually present in oud. That elusive ethereally transporting vaporous note in the opening, only exceptional oils seem to possess, and I don't mind calling it kinam. In short, your best.
A.A. (Croatia)

Oh how lucky the one that can manage to save a drop to mature, as, it is, an everyday oil. When the dry down hits is where I'm finding the scent of fresh super king chips, the scent of the wood as gentle heat is first applied, marvelous! Smelling my arm is bliss but, the gentle teasing scents I keep catching in the wafts as I move about my house are, unreal and, not to be missed. I really could go on and on as its my favorite oil that Agaraura has ever made! I thought about pulling back a bit on this review but, after 4 days of wearing the exp., remains the same.
J.C. (USA)