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Pra Rachini

'Pra Rachini' is Thai for 'queen', and you guessed it: Pra Rachini is one of our royal caliber oils, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Royal Lao, Royal Malinau, and Royal Maluku.

It may surprise you to know that, today, wild Thai agarwood is overall superior in quality compared to her Indochinese neighbors.
The reason for this is three-fold:
1) firstly, the plantation industry is enormous in Thailand, so there is a lack of motivation in locals to harvest wild agarwood.
2) secondly, the renown of her neighbor Cambodia to the east stole the spotlight, so the market for wild Thai wood is significantly smaller (less demand = less supply).
3) and finally, the punishment for illegally felling wild agarwood trees is swift and severe: a bullet to the head.

And so, for these reasons, currently wild Thai agarwood is hands down THE highest quality out of all Indochinese countries (collectively: Cambodia, Burma, Hainan island, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam).
Whereas the other countries mostly just have young trees standing in the jungles, Thai jungles to this day still have untouched trees containing Super King grade agarwood.

Shocking, isn't it? The general consensus is that Thailand is the most frowned-upon agarwood country in advanced oud lovers' circles. But what many folks fail to realize is that its because Thai oud is generally (99.99% of the time) synonymous with plantation oud.

Wild Thai wood is very rare. Wild Thai oils, even rarer.
A royal level Thai oil? Time to pull out the party hats.

Forget everything, and I mean everything, you may have thought you knew about Thai oud.
Distilled from spectacular, incense-grade wild agarwood from Prachin province – a batch that I scored for 40% below market price – Pra Rachini is drenched in sheer oudiness from head to toe.

Although I had been searching for wild agarwood from the provinces of Ubon, Koh Chang, and Phetchaburi, this batch (and the price) was just too good to pass up. Larger than life, and as intense as burning a Super King grade agarwood nugget straight on a glowing charcoal tablet, Pra Rachini gives and then gives some more.

If you're not a fan of fruity and floral notes in oud, you'll be delighted to know that Pra Rachini is not 'that' type of Thai (read: farm oud or young-wild oud). The sweetness is oudy, the bitterness is oudy, every facet of this oud... all the peaks and all the valleys, are pure oudiness.
Remarkably, Pra Rachini is devoid of geographical pegs. Cambodian oils smell Cambodian, Malaysian oils smell Malaysian, and so on. But Pra Rachini is the scent of the common denominator that makes oud oud.

Pra Rachini is Thai oud untainted by the hands of men (distillation 'tricks') that shape the scent profile of typical Thai oils, and of course 100% virgin wild thus untainted by the minds of men (i.e. free of the chemicals typically used in Thai plantations).
Inhale the fumes... and watch Thailand, to your surprise, rise in rank.

This Pra Rachini is something to DIE for!
Z.K. (USA)

Pra rachini is like <...> times 10
T.D. (USA)

When you open the cap you know you are experiencing something special. Its unlike any Thai oil I've experienced and this will change the way I'll look at them from today. I get No fruity notes or typical sweetness which you associate with Thai oils. What you experience from the start to end is Oud!! I mean literally I experience Oudiness with blast of tea. My nose also picks up some Kinamic notes post 1 hour may be I'm wrong here. But the experience or you could say the ride is really great.
In short I think everyone should atleast sample this to get a different view on Thai oils.
Out of the 3 new oils (Hulubalang Kirana and Pra Rachini)I've tried this one is right up there for me and I'll surely be getting myself a bigger size of this one.
D.P. (India)

You’re right, Pra Rachini changed my mind about Thai oils. But I’m afraid I’m never gonna find a Thai oil of this caliber. Nothing overtly sweet, fruity or floral. Is this what a theoretical Thai oil should be? Yes! In smooth, refined blend of the exact notes. So smooth that none of the notes jumped out in a singular fashion just like a Shiraz of good vintage shouldn’t make one sneeze with its peppery top or pucker at the taste of spice.
A.T. (Singapore)

Pra rachini is so vietnamese in scent... im shocked
T.D. (USA)