Oud Product

Prachin Special K

Gram-for-gram, this is the highest grade batch of 'Special K' agarwood I have ever distilled. Yes, even higher (by roughly 40%) than even the mind-boggling Pailin Special K, which was distilled in the boiler next to this one's.

It is hard enough to track down high quality, incense-grade, wild Thai agarwood. Collecting enough to distill is even trickier. Getting your hands on a 'Special K' batch of Thai wood... you just found the needle in the haystack.

('Special K' refers to batches of agarwood that smell mindbogglingly close to the king of all agarwood: kinam / kyara)

Whereas Thailand has for the most part become the most frowned-upon agarwood country in advanced oud lovers' circles, what many folks fail to realize is that its because Thai oud is generally (99.99% of the time) synonymous with plantation oud.
Wild Thai wood is very rare. Wild Thai oils, even rarer.

Time to turn that frown into an ear-to-ear grin -

Explosively powerful from opening notes to drydown, Prachin Special K is pure mind medicine. No fruits. No flowers. No barnyard, acetone, leather, or any other funny business. Amazingly, what Prachin Special K smells like is.. oud-flavored kinam.
Allow me to elaborate.

All kinams have certain 'markers'. Country markers, species markers (harder to learn), region/terrain and oleoresin-formation markers (hardest).
High grade Vietnamese kinam / kyara has the least markers, making it the most balanced.

As for Special K oils, its the same idea: our Khmer Special K smelled like Cambodian-flavored kinam. Malay Special K smelled like Malaysian-flavored kinam. And so on.
Prachin Special K is an unusual case where... it smells like "universally oud" flavored kinam. Imagine the aroma of Cambodian, Indian, Malaysian, Vietnamese and every other oud you've ever smelled. You know its oud, and not rose or sandalwood or some other essential oil.
What is that common denominator? Whatever it is, imagine kinam of that flavor.

And that, gentle ladies and men, is Prachin Special K.

That PrSK is amazing, just Oud and the mind buzz. What I’ve been searching for. All your Ouds have a certain cleanliness about them and really get into the mind/psyche very quickly. Very impressed with your work. Masha Allah
Y.A. (USA)

Prachin K in is the ranks of Betonamu Jinkoh, but even better
I.S. (USA)

Truly an oud lover’s oud
S.S. (USA)

I absolutely love the Prachin Special K! I smells sweet and cakey. I'm going to enjoy giving that one a full wearing tomorrow.
T.J. (USA)

PrSK is in the whole round and velvety, the facets ( i detect mint, wood, sweet, bitter) are harmonized in a chord. The head is mint-oudy, the bottom is spicy-bitter (but with a hint of sweet).
A.A. (Italy)

An amazing oil. I would compare it to a silent but powerful prayer done in a sacred temple and only those who know of its secrets can truly enjoy the experience of it.
A.E. (UK)

Your prachin special K is amazing,
It Has a nice woody top note, not much berry to my nose ,and then the Kyara smell, alhamdulilah.
The Smell of burning high grade wood chips at a low temperature , kodo style.
S.A. (USA)

Prachin Special K ... Suave and serene .. True beauty !!
F.A. (Dubai)

The mind buzz is strong with PrSK
Yes stronger than malaya even if my menory serves me correctly
T.D. (USA)

As I particularly enjoy the Prachin SK, I may take that one on top.
C.B. (Switzerland)

Hey Taha, I checked in on Pra and PrSK. Both have moved forward significantly... Those two are a good study and I like the scent profiles a good deal.
M.B. (USA)

Btw I compared Pra and PrSK.. and PrSK kyara glowing note is has a deeper almost amber sweetness.. Pra has bright yellow sweetness