Oud Product

Pailin Special K

To date this is, hands down, the finest Cambodian oud oil I have ever distilled.
Incidentally, it is also the oud oil that smells closer to Kyara than any oud oils out there, be they from Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam or elsewhere. Yes, including our very own Vietnam Special K.

Want to know how I define "incense grade" wood? Simple: wood that smells awesome on your burner, and not like roasting firewood – which is what the typical raw materials of most oud oils out there smell like.
Now imagine wood that not only smells awesome, but also smells mindbogglingly close to kinam when you heat it. That's what the raw material for Pailin Special K was, and that's the reason why I put aside a fistful of the powder for personal use.

Distill it, and that is what you call an "incense grade" oud oil.
Its rare enough to find genuine 'Special K' wood in your hands; even rarer is finding oils distilled from such wood.

If you smelled our old oils Vietnam Special K, Kiyosumi, or Kenmei, you'll have a good idea about the aroma of Pailin Special K. But imagine stripping away all the "non-essential" DNA of any kinam - be it Vietnamese, Cambodian, mountain-specific, species-specific... that is the aroma of Pailin Special K.

The most sublime, dignified oud aroma you can imagine. Bitter and sweet in the most perfect balance. Thick condensed milk, boiled with fresh mint leaves and vanilla beans. A subtle suggestion of dry Oolong tea. The otherwise-rugged woody (almost 'poison'-like, a la Laos) notes of classic Pailin agarwood is perfectly kept in check by the non-fruity non-floral simply-kinamy-sweet flavors.

Special K is a phrase I don't use lightly.
So when I tell you to track down the absolute finest kyara from the incense houses of Kyoto and Osaka to know the aroma of Pailin Special K, you should realize... this is an oil that no lover of kinam/kyara can afford to pass up.

Pailin special K smelled like several of the Kinams I tried at Tahas place.
A.K. (USA)

I have received your parcel of Pailin Special K just smelled the banquet of Kyara/Kinam. Wow simply the best quality Cambodian oud oil to date. Amazing olfactory, you are so right in saying it’s simply hands down.
H.M. (UK)

No misuse of the K word here, pure heavenly oud with the most beautiful drydown.
N.S. (Australia)

If you want a K oil, I’d recommend PSK while there’s some available. If you missed Malaya, then Royal Sumatra and Royal Malinau will be sure to please.
M.B. (USA)

PSK and Pra R simply mind blowing
Customer (USA)

Palini special K is LOVELY
I.S. (USA)

Just recieved the package...
Pailin Special K ❤
You know sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night to smell your oud oil
😂 It makes me feel relaxed and happy 😃J.M. (UAE)

I tried psk last night. Mix of the kinamic aroma that i get from sample of kinam dust (from kz) and the agarwoody aroma i get from our pursat wood.
Z.M. (USA)

I put it on today.. and wow!!!!
Bro this is just stunning
Customer (USA)

Fuse got blown twice already by PSK and PrSK..
PSK with deep inhalation....
Man PSK... oooweee
N.C. (USA)

I have a bit of Pailin Special K on. Alls I can say is there’s a lot of notes here. A shade medicinal if you will. But not bitter
M.B. (USA)

I just put on my sample of PSK. Another oil I am gonna have to get.
A.Z. (USA)

PSK and <...>... Those oils are out of this world...
That silky sweet gourmade goodness just gets me
T.D. (USA)

PSK made my eye lids very very heavy... almost fell asleep during magrib
N.C. (USA)

It’s seems very potent. I didn’t open the white lid all the way just a bit and extracted what was sitting on rim of the bottle and it’s more than enough for me to enjoy
M.B. (USA)