Oud Product


We are proud to offer oud connoisseurs Purana; featuring a wild Northern Assam boldness, nestling in a blanket of smooth and sweet woodiness.

An unparalleled complexity hardly ever seen in Indian oils, a clean and vibrant sweetness found only in the highest quality Hindis, and a depth you could drown yourself in, are but a few things that make this oil a rare gem.

Purana starts off with a classic Indian oud profile. As it develops on the skin it gets sweeter; jammy fruitiness and creamy woodiness dominate the heart of the scent.

Most Indian oils have a bold bovine leatheriness, but this particular oil features the soft scent of suede. There are varied scent notes present in the oil simultaneously, and smelling the oil carefully and attentively conjures the image of a million tiny violins playing the most harmonious of melodies.

This oud has the remarkable quality of rendering you helpless in falling in love with it.

Swig the goblet flagrantly,
See no shame in drinking;
Go mad with love, and shed all shame,
In the most sacred meaning.

Purana is one of my favorites. It has that slightly agrarian wildness but also has a cool breezy wood nature that is unusual for an Indian oil, I think. With my little knowledge of ouds from Assam, I appreciate it as a very warm, robust, but very polite oud oil. I like it very much. Thank you for making it available.
G.C. (USA)

This is really one of the best Indian ouds I have tried.
A.Z. (USA)

I highly recommend the might be the best Hindi I have ever tried!
K.G. (USA)

Overall, I have to say that so far this oil has all the aspects of Hindis that I like, which so far I have only smelled in bits and pieces in other oils, almost always accompanied by other notes which I was not fond of, or lacking longevity like the esteemed Kalakassi. The Purana seems to have all my favourite Hindi notes in one package without any annoyances or off-notes, or weak longevity and projection. Very classy and impressive oud, great job on procuring this jewel, Taha!
I.T. (Canada)