Oud Product


For all intents and purposes, this is Sultan's Succor v2.

There are those who put Merauke oud (Aquilaria Filaria) at the top of their list, and others who just... can't understand what all the fuss is about.

Most Merauke oud oils smell damp, fishy, and swampy. In contrast, all Agar Aura's Merauke oud oils in the past have been the 'dry' variety, and Purbakala is no exception.

The aroma is quite straightforward: toss a few "Live Merauke" / above-the-ground Merauke / non-swamp-fished Merauke agarwood chips onto a live charcoal. A few hours later, after the smoke has cleared, you enter into the room and are greeted with a super satisfying oudy aroma in the air – with one important addition* (more on that below).

Think freshly ground Panamanian coffee beans, dark chocolate, nubuck leather, petrichor (the dusty aroma in the air right before a rainstorm), golden tobacco leaf a la North Malaysian oud, along with hints of sassafras and oak moss. And of course, rugged dry wood.
*the most important addition: very distinct boiled (sweet) malted milky notes in the dry down.
What I have come to identify as the most salient distinguishing aroma of non-swamp vs swamp Merauke agarwood is the sweet milky aroma. On a low temperature electric heater, a non-swamp Merauke agarwood chip emanates this aroma right at the beginning, when the first wisps of smoke start rising (in swamp Merauke agarwood, this note is completely absent).
In oil form though, the sweet malty milky aroma is most prominent in the dry down.

Easy on the wallet, and featuring a sophisticated dark "gentlemen" vibe, Purbakala might very well become your new signature scent.

Purbakala is such a soothing oil man. When you get that initial whiff you feel it's a heavy hitter, wait for few mins it's becomes meditative oil.
I just kept on doing Zikr after sniffing it. Brain has gone numb.
M.A. (UAE)

I just tried Purbakala, it indeed does have a gentlemen vibe. It smells like old teak wood and a distinct clove spice note.
I.S. (USA)

I am fascinated by Purbakala,
It reminds of me of sitting in my old Masjid, monsoon time, after heavy showers, when those thick lime walls are damp, and smell of burnt oud chips , the smell of books, incandescent lights shining via the vintage chandelier, very calming. Subhanallah!
S.A. (USA)

As for your oil Purbakala one of most satisfying Moroki oil I ever had, I like the smell of jungle to it Wow!!!
I don't want to praise you but hats off brother your level is different.
H.M. (UK)

Another one of those AA adventure ouds, the opening starts out in a Himalayan kitchen.... old lacquered wood cabinets, stove smoke, pu-erh and tsampa.... light rhododendron flowers wafting in the window.... levels out into an ancient monastery, comforting, serene, pure... next phase moves you on to a jungle trail... dried fruit, sweet decay, tree flowers, and an opalescent blue green wetness... the dry down is pure forest floor after a rain in an agarwood jungle...
S.G. (USA)

I was just visiting purbakala and my impression of the dry down matched your description alot
I was thinking of something dark, smokey/incensy, masculine, not your pretty flowery aroma, manly and in your face, leathery, raw, energetic, old books, the smell you get in the air around rainfall, spicy woody bitterness.
I could feel airiness in it but it wasnt 'fresh' airiness. Thats when it reminded me of the breeze just as rainfall is about to happen and the few raindrops fall on the dust.
Z.M. (USA)

One of the regrets I had was not getting one of AA’s Maroke oil called the Syed Succor. I tried looking and looking but just couldn’t find it. The Syed Ascent is the king of Maroke oils and it should be applied very sparingly and carefully whereas the Succor was a maroke which was very calm and soothing yet and could be worn guilty free.
I am now at peace after having tried the PurbaKala. The sheer power of this oil is nothing short of pure awesomeness. The smokiness in this oil is just perfect and is not over powering. The creamy aroma which hits later is on point and goes perfectly with the incense aroma. Might need to get a few more bottles of this one in particular....
Btw the central papua sticks have so much common similarities with the purbakala oil.
A.K. (USA)

Man purbakala is Masha Allah...
If you keep releasing stellar oils like this at these prices ... ouf man im gonna really have to revamp my collection...
Purbakala has that ancient dark jungle oooweee vibe... love it.
T.D. (USA)

Aha, this is the ماروكي
Smells like بخور [sic: burning incense] I like it so far
J.M. (UAE)