Oud Product

Royal Pursat

Hailing from one of the most prized regions of the entire oud-producing world, Royal Pursat personifies the epitome of the Cambodian aroma, more specifically that of agarwood from the legendary province of Pursat.
Is there any more to it than just the name?
You bet.

It is a common fallacy in this industry for the majority of consumers to ask for "Hindi" and "Cambodi" oud oils, considering them superior for no better reason than the fact that these two types of oud gained fame in the Arabian oud tradition -- the oldest oud tradition.
Agar Aura, on the other hand, firmly maintains that ouds of all countries are great. Ah, but within different countries, there most certainly are some regions whose agarwood is superior to that of others. Things like topography, the soil's mineral content, and annual precipitation have a massive impact on the aroma.
In Cambodia, its the mountainous jungles of Koh Kong and Pursat whose agarwood stands head and shoulders above that of all other regions in Cambodia.
So what did we do here? We juiced some crazy A-grade, wild-harvested Pursat agarwood... which is nothing short of blasphemy.

The wood was seasoned and cooked in water from Kampong Speu, where the waters of both Koh Kong and Pursat meet.
We then took the wood, threw it into thick copper pots and cooked it using firebricks.
We decided to apply our 'Berkilau style' distillation techniques (lab tested and proven to produce the absolute richest oud oils possible).
The result is an oil that captures the body, heart and soul of Crassna agarwood. An incredibly deep, dark, and resinous aroma. Virtually identical to the scent of heated Super King agarwood from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam, from the good ol' days.
I myself have only experienced this aroma in Cambodian wood only thrice in my life, and never in an oil before this.

Gone are all playful notes common in Cambodian and Thai ouds. There is only a subtle fruity-floral aspect, which is more than overwhelmed by the sheer richness of the dark syrupy oudiness of this oud. Its all about the base notes.

Alas, the batch size of this oil is much smaller than I would have ideally wanted, especially considering how amazing it smells. But the raw materials used for crafting Royal Pursat are very hard to come by in this day and age.

Want to add a genuine collectors' item to your fine ouds reserve? You need not look any further.

Really I think best Cambodian I try ever its not fruity but the smell so sweet and great..
M.M. (Kuwait)

Royal Pursat. Seriously, you've blown my mind. This is an oil that I LOVE. A couple more observations: the opening notes are a surprise, certainly, and not what I've come to expect from a Cambodian oud; however, once the spicy notes dissipate, to my nose, there are the notes that I adore!

C.M. (USA)

Then there's Royal Pursat. Imagine taking Raksmey, stripping all its fleeting flirty characteristics, clearing all its mellow animalics, and diving straight to the pure core of what is left. This is Royal Pursat. It's an electrifying juxtaposition of sprightly greenness and roasting, smoldering resins, reverberating in a mystic dance. The duality of this oil is so pristine and intense, it surprises me every time I inhale it.
C.G. (USA)

Royal Pursat, is like riding the train starting in Thailand and ending in Cambodia. That dark resiny notes, heart of aged patchouli sounded by bright yellow notes of slight fruity acidity but alas they have no chance the sweet alluring dark notes draws me to the center where everything is purple and swede, .sudective night time reverie.
H.S. (USA)

This oil is all about luscious creaminess, a soft seductive Cambodi of a not too sweet not too fruity variety, with gentle resin and no wood (like it should be, oud is all about resin and not all about wood). After the intro, scent is soon becoming uplifting, quite unusual for Cambodi oils.
But the best thing about Royal is the beautiful drydown without that typical bittery grass notes which I'm not a fan of. This oil is creamy, powdery, soft and fluffy, with a pleasant teasing faintly sourish core note during heart phase. It's a very compact scent with single notes not easily discerned, the blend of aromas is well balanced and harmonious.
Floral notes for me associated with chamomile, hint of frangipani-like almondiness, perhaps even Ebony flowers, very small but very fragrant amidst the backdrop of carrot seeds. Hints of black tea with echoes of Nagaland. Background fruity notes reminiscent of banana lassi, murmurs of ripe yellow plums and vineyard peaches, well diluted blueberry, faint physalis. There is a sense of completeness.
I am not a fan of Cambodis, although they were the ones which gained access for me into the agarwood world and I have to admit being sceptical about this one, but RP was a great experience, Cambodi and cream with Tahas signature on top. Wish there were more oils like this. Oils which make me reconsider my preferences.
A.A. (Croatia)

What I like about Royal Pursat that after a little while it slowly transforms the usual Cambodi profile, little by little and morphs into something else.

What a fantastic, woody, oud.  I get no hints of anything floral (yet) or "zesty," and certainly no barn, etc.; just gorgeous (if linear) wood.  I can tell I'll need to wear this a few times to pick up any subtleties you've hidden on me.  But even if I miss them, this is a beautiful oud.
L.M. (USA)

Royal Pursat has to be the best Cambodian Oud offering at this time.

C.C. (USA)

There are many layers to Royal Pursat, so much depth. It was so light and sparkling in the beginning, that I was concerned it wouldn’t have much longevity… but my wrist still smelled of it this morning, after about eight hours of wearing!
I had worn this oil to bed, and my wrist was practically glued to my nose. Every couple of minutes, I’d pull my wrist away, but it was like there was an elastic band connecting the two parts, and I couldn’t keep them separated! I kept thinking, “my nose wants to marry my wrist”! Haha
C.M. (USA)

I think you have hit on something extraordinary there. It is not a hyperbole if I tell you that it hit on a classical archetypal Oud containing a certain key to an inner dimension of a state of mind.
H.S. (USA)

Tried the royal pursat and must say WOW!
You can easily get both Royal Pursat and Berkilau married now. Perfect Couple! :)
This is what I call an awesome Oud ! Just the right amount of fruitiness, a dash of spice and a lot of oudiness !! Amazing!
S.S. (USA)

Ok so this one, I really began to appreciate after trying Raksmey. Now Raksmey I was definitely impressed with, an unmistakable Cambodi sweetness with impressive depth and tenacity (you use the word ruggedness which I think is very fitting)….. Well Royal Pursat, as the name signifies, ‘Royalifies’ all that. Really, that’s the best way to describe it…I smell some very exquisite and dignified notes which can only be a result of higher quality raw materials.
T.G. (Dubai)

This really feels like a work of art, the rougher notes have all been ironed out to produce a really classy, attractive fragrance without loosing the oud factor.
T.G. (Dubai)