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Hindi Qademe

Looking at the Indian ouds offered on AgarAura over the past couple years, you'll notice that they were mostly a departure from the norm. Due to unconventional distillation techniques used for extracting them, their scents would be described with terms typically used for ouds from Burma or Cambodia.

Hindi Qademe, however, is a completely different story. It boasts the classic Indian oud scent. Aged for over 7½ years and distilled from far-east Indian raw materials, it is starkly different from our other recent Indian ouds, which were distilled from materials from the west-most oud-producing regions of India.

There are no fruity notes here, nor floral. There is only wood, earth, sweet hay and leather. And lots of bittersweet dark chocolate. Distilled exclusively from far-east Indian agarwood using traditional techniques, Hindi Qademe flaunts that utterly classic oud scent which has made Indian oud the 'archetypal oud' since the very dawn of oud distillation.

Forget about ouds from Meghalaya and west Assam. Prepare to experience the scent of classic wild Manipouri Indian oud. It is the scent that wealthy Arab sheikhs and seasoned Indian oud lovers would pay dearly to acquire today. It is the scent that present day Assamese distillations desperately attempt to replicate, but without success - due to the absence of that quality of agarwood that has long since disappeared from the jungles of Manipour and other eastern Indian regions.

Years ago, this was an over the top screaming bold Hindi. But the oil today testifies to the wonders of aging. Classic it may be, but it is so smooth that its even less challenging than Aatma and Royal Assam - two of AgarAura's friendliest Indian ouds to date.

If you're a seasoned fan of 'old school' Indian ouds, you should have a pretty good idea of what Hindi Qademe smells like - but imagine all the negative qualities usually associated with Indian ouds turned into positive qualities, thanks to the extensive aging of this oil.
And if you've never smelled a classic Indian oud before, here's your chance to connect yourself with the ancient Oud Hindi tradition.

This Qadeem is off the charts!  It takes me back ways ago, to that magical, burning fireplace scent. Nostalgic, inquisitive, and even romantic. Qadeem is one of those gems that you come back to over and over again, and you never get tired of it!
O.H. (USA)

Wore the Hindi Qedem yesterday. Was not what I was expecting. In a good way. So refined! Just incredible. 
J.P. (USA)

I have the Hindi on now and it is a perfume unto itself. It has turned from a mossy stone in the dawn light to a warm but still dark and bitter ebony woodsy aura as if the whole woods were captured in here along with the early suns rays too. I feel as if I have a tiny pinprick hole peeking into where these trees grow and I can feel the energy from there to here where the light is shining in and onto where I have placed this oil on my left hand. I just love that. It is even now morphing into a dry caramel with notes approaching old fashioned butterscotch.
F.S. (UK)

Full Hindi profile, but ooh, so soft...I will hopefully be able to gett a full bottle soon!
T.S. (Germany)

So I just opened the bottle of Hinde Quademe and took a huge whiff from the bottle. What did I smell? Chocolate. Turned up to 11. Dark chocolate...the boldest, brashest dark chocolate you've ever smelled, and it's melted in your car on a 110 degree day. You're sitting in the car with the windows UP.
C.W. (USA)

Wow Hindi Qademe is AWESOME!!!! its very smooth. It has a creaminess and animalistic smoothness that i have not encountered with a Hindi before. Decadent, refined... barnyardy, yes but not the usual barnyardy scent theres something different here more of a laid back non-offensive quality, is the only way i explain. Very good and the best Hindi by far i've tried. Cant wait to try Royal Assam also. This is a 10/10 for me. You have great products Akhi and prices are very fair for special oils you offer.
C.F. (USA)

It has an earthy, rugged feel. The animal notes are deep and wide. The usual barnyard scent is earthy and dry yet a bit sweet.
There is a smokey and spicy note that is present at first. Complex right from the start, it all smooths out very nicely. This oil as incredible depth. The notes are bold and strong but never harsh.
This is very reminiscent of somewhere deep in a dark forest. A place where the light doesn't reach. Animals wander through, maybe even stay and make it home for a time. Should you wander in you'll find it an undiscovered place where the air hangs low and thick. The scents in the air; smoke, spice, animal are all very rich and full. It's not overbearing or offensive. It is smooth and robust.
M.T. (Canada)

Deep, comforting, very bold with a revolving pallet of refined bitter woodiness and mild animalicness. It's very centering and relaxing, with some comforting sweetness to mellow it further. This is my favorite oil I've bought from you.
L.R. (Norway)