Oud Product

Raja Hindustani

A sumptuous well-aged Indian oud as the key ingredient of the fragrance, Raja Hindustani exudes a richness and displays a depth that is hard to match.

With no citrus, florals or musk, Raja Hindustani is an unusual fragrance that is rich and dark. Though potent and powerful, the ingredients were carefully blended in a seamless fashion that unites the scent notes into a smooth bouquet of the highest quality aromatics.

The bold Indian oud's dry leather and earthiness is pronounced with vetiver, and a suble touch of vanilla absolute brings out the creamy chocolaty aspects of the oud. One of the most exotic spices of the east, cardamom, gives warmth to the fragrance while benzoin and sandalwood bring comfort and add richness to the heart notes.

Bold and powerful enough to abet the mightiest raja's pomp, it also soothes and comforts his more sensitive side.

The Raja is nice because of the spicier incense smells that I notice. I put it on and went to work 3 hours later and someone told me that I smelled so good and that the scent was pouring right out of me!
M.S. (USA)

It smells almost like an "enhanced" oud oil, as if you took the pure oil and tweaked it here and there to get a smooth, dark, and very refined final scent.  I was very impressed by the way all of the components blended together seamlessly from start to drydown.  Other than a hint of vetiver in the middle and a whiff or cardamon (perhaps imagined) at the end, everyhtign hung together for my nose.  Really remarkable blending, ma sha'Allah.
O.O. (USA)

Just wanted to tell you I tried a swipe of the Raja Hindustani today, and that certainly is a wonderful mukhallat. I put it on shortly before going to work and it's still going strong 11 hours later. I like the combination, it starts off with a strong delicious Oudh, and this mellows some to reveal the vanilla and also the amber notes from the benzoin contained in the blend. It was certainly a pleasurable experience.
S.N. (USA)

Ooooooh this Raja Hindustani is hitting the sweet spot! Well done sir.
I'm getting suede-like leather, very smooth. Nice wood, maybe some honeyed chocolate. I LOVE how it's so subtlety sweet (that must be the vanilla). I don't like my frags too sweet and this is just right.
C.W. (USA)

I would believe it was a pure oud if I didn't know better. Everything is seamlessly blended and I'd have to compare it to the pure Hindi to be able to tell. It is also a rich, bold scent... I'd add creamy, sweet and spicy too. There are hints of chocolate and leather in there as well. Overall I like it a lot.
D.C. (USA)

The notes are blended incredibly well! For me the vanilla and sandalwood notes really stuck out upon first application. Two great mukhallats to add to the collection. Thanks so much.
S.K. (USA)