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Cambodian. Pursat wild-harvested. Could it get any better?

This is one of those unusual cases where the yield was exceptionally high, lowering the cost per gram.

Raksmey is the iconic aroma of wild Pursat oud. Lots of purple florals, blood-red raspberry wine, and fiery cinnamon.

But unlike most Cambodian/Thai ouds extracted from younger cultivated trees, here you have the pretty top notes contrasted dramatically against a backdrop of deep, rugged woody notes.
In typical (i.e. extracted from immature trees) Cambodian/Thai ouds, you sometimes get the lovely top notes but miss out on the deeper rugged base notes.

An oud of the same general scent profile as Raksmey was our old Oud Kampuchea. However, the grade of wood used for crafting Raksmey was far superior, so as you get more intimate with this oil you will discover more of the scent layers resulting from the use of more resinated wood.

Despite its richness, Raksmey is a very easy wear. Given the price and the friendliness of its aroma (not to mention its certified genuine Pursat authenticity), its a no brainer that this oud is a must-have for lovers of genuine wild-harvested oud.

Pretty, just the prettiest of ouds.  Wish I could find any oil that can compare with these gems.  I seriously did not know what I was getting into three years ago. Raksmey is amazingly...pretty.
C.G. (USA)

Regarding the ‎Raksmey, words cannot describe it but I must say its very interesting to say the least.   The changes within the first few minutes (and then hour) are very surprising to me to the point I thought I was smelling 3 different oud oils. At first it smelt tobacco-ish but then within a few minutes it changes to a very smooth fruity/woody scent. And lastly after a while there was a sweeter woody scent.  I must admit that this oud redefined my definition of cambodian oud or even oud for that matter ;-) I seriously felt like you've added all the things I love about the Yatnar, Mychkina, Keemasan and some nice smelling oud wood into this oud. And I'm not sure with my limited experience with aged ouds but I get the sense that this oud is aged quite a bit. This coming from a fan of the microcarpa ouds haha.
J.U. (Brunei)

Raksmey, at first sniff, wasn’t what I had expected; but within just a few days of wearing, it became what I expected… and more. All the notes that I love most in Cambodian Ouds were there all along… it just took me a little while to perceive them because they were hidden beneath other notes, unanticipated but equally delightful.
When I first wear this oil, I experience the scent of tamarind. Not the dark brown, sticky, very ripe fruit, but rather the younger ones, whose flesh is a lovely pale green, mostly sour with hints of sweetness. My mouth waters every time I smell my wrist when the oil is in this phase! After the scent of tamarind dissipates, it is replaced by a smokey woodiness. The last time I wore this oil, my skin smelled as though I’d walked through a waft of campfire smoke… warm, comforting, relaxing.
And at the end, several hours after applying this oil, what is left is a delicate, floral-woody perfume.
Raksmey is an oil that conjures up images of the outdoors in Autumn, when the leaves are colorful and the weather is turning and the evenings are long and golden. It is an oil of sweet, gentle transitions. For the past couple of weeks, I have been wearing Raksmey every day. It is a scent that makes me feel happy.
C.M. (USA)

I feel like all the particules of the wood broke apart and surround me as if the wood wanted to embrace me. Definitely a unique experience which I guess was made possible just because of the high quality of the wood. That is what makes it different and superior to most of other oud oils on the market. You can imagine how glad I am to own a bottle of that oud, and for the price that is really a gem.
A.K. (France)

Raksmey is deep and bottomless, its subtle musk, sweating beneath facetious fruit, drowning in warm, dry woods -- a felted blanket of notes, fuzzy and resinous around the edges.
C.G. (USA)

I wore Raksmey just a couple of times and I must tell you it is a gem!
S.S. (USA)

So... Raksmey... I really, REALLY like it! It has all the dark fruity notes that I adore, and I can't fathom how I didn't notice those the first time I wore it. I mean, Raksmey practically bursts with deep purple fruit.
Customer (USA)

I am liking the Raksmey the most. The cinnamon notes are quite lovely!!

M.M. (Canada)

I am surprised that the material used for Raksmey was not as high grade as Royal Pursat since the scent profile of Raksmey is pretty amazing as well.  For the price, Raksmey is a pretty awesome deal! 
Customer (USA)