Oud Product

Layali Ramadan

The month of Ramadan means a lot of things to people of the Islamic faith around the world. Devout worshippers focus on worship and charity, and for a month they set the bar higher for themselves, aiming to carry on with their good deeds even after the month has past.

Ramadan in the Khaleej Arab countries also brings an exponential increase in the amount of oud products used. Houses, mosques, and even shopping malls are perfumed by burning oud and bakhours.

To many who have experienced Ramadan in countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, one of the most unforgettable experiences is attending the night vigil prayers in mosques perfumed with the most exquisite incenses.

Layali Ramadan ("Radaman Nights") was formulated to mimic exactly that. With a deep, dark woody and smoky base, the bold Cambodian and Indian ouds are embellished with the naturally smoky Indian variety of frankincense, Choya Luban, as well as classic Omani Frankincense, the most prized frankincense in the Arabian perfumery tradition. With a touch of sensual jasmine and Bulgarian rose, and hints of precious Eastern spices, Layali Ramadan bequeaths an utterly Khaleeji experience.
One drop will be enough to transport you.

For some, this is pure bottled nostalgia. For others, its an experience that you may have otherwise never had.

Note: although the use of synthetics is commonplace in the creation of Arabian incenses, I have emulated their aroma using only ingredients derived from natural, plant-based raw materials.