Oud Product

Royal Malaya

As far as I'm aware, there is no oud oil ever distilled, whose raw material and distillation has been fully documented (along with photos and videos), of a caliber as high as Royal Malaya.

Boasting a whopping 70% of the raw materials comprising of sinking-grade agarwood (and the remainder non-sinking "Super" grade agarwood), for the first time such madness has been recorded on video for you to see for yourselves.
Sure, there are many claims and many stories; and in the oud world the tales can get quite tall. I've heard my fair share of unicorn oil stories. There is never any proof (and the oils blatantly reek of bunk white wood raw materials).

It is disrespect and injustice to the wood, to attempt to express in mere words the astounding aroma or the powerful mind-buzz factor of this oil. It suffices to say that it smells identical to ancient Aquilaria Malaccensis Malaysian Super-King grade agarwood flawlessly heated by a Monkoh master.

Every single purchase of 0.5g and above will come with a small quantity of the actual raw material. So you can see for yourself the amazing grade of wood that was used for distilling this oil, and also heat the wood to compare its aroma to the oil to see how accurately it has been captured.

With a price tag as hefty as this, you deserve to see the proof behind the claim. Without further ado:

I have decided not to post customers' reviews of Royal Malaya, just as I myself avoided analyzing it in the product page myself. The oil is far too exalted to be filtered through human expression, and the best (and only) equivalent to it is the raw material wood itself.