Oud Product

Cambodi Royale

I have always been reluctant to attribute over-used and seldom-deserved titles denoting royalty to any Agar Aura oud, but this stunning Cambodian oud oil deserves no less.

Having searched far and wide, and having tried Cambodian oils from numerous sources (including those of our competitors), I am delighted to present one of the finest I have ever experienced.

The best way to describe its scent is to analogize it to the aroma of gently heated Cambodian oud chips. It almost seems to produce scent 'waves' from the spot where you applied it, giving you whiffs of Cambodian yumminess when you least expect it. It has a clean translucency and an ethereal quality, and although it is not pungent or overpowering, it is not shy of making its presence known.

The opening smells almost muted, but the oil comes to life soon after you apply it on your skin. Bright gummy-fruity top notes are contrasted with a very deep woodiness. There are soft undertones of cinnamon and cork. The oil is absolutely devoid of any off notes.

Most ouds are enjoyed by sniffing the spot where you applied them on your wrist and following the evolution of the scent. This oil is unique in that, although it remains relatively soft and muted on your wrist, it creates a scent aura around you that will keep reminding you of its presence.

Give your senses a royal treat. Experience Cambodi Royale.

This is my new favorite oil. I love this so much I will promise to ration it and make it last forever (and I wish myself luck with that).Initially, there are hints of dark chocolate and coffee in a buttery balsamic background. Essential oil devotees may notice a resemblance to Balm of Gilead (balsam poplar essential oil). 15 minutes later,chocolate notes soften and balsam notes pick up, both mixing with maple(!) and nutmeg.30 minutes later, everything has morphed into a toffee, nutmeg and balsamic scented wood. The notes are so smooth that if this was a perfume, it would be considered exceptionally well blended.
D.K. (USA)

This stuff is super awesome!
A.A. (Australia)

the Cambodian Royal.. oh my.. what can I say.. this was it.. pure sweet silky smooth sweetness.. a cambodi like no other I have ever had the pleasure of smelling! Boy is this Oud smooth! I put a tiny swipe lastnight on my wrist and carried on working on some graphic design work.. and the Royale kept and releasing waves and waves of sweetness which continued to wrap around me..
S.S. (UK)