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Royal Kampuchea

This is it.
This is where Cambodian oud lovers get off the train.

From jungly Papuan and uplifting Borneo ouds to succulent Cambodian and grounding Indian ouds, there is an oud for every occasion and every taste.
While I do try to offer different varieties to suit diverse tastes, sometimes you come across an oud so brilliant in every way that it wins unanimous love.
Royal Kampuchea is one such oud.

Crafted in an almost idential fashion to our much-loved Cambodi Royale, you will find the same addictive sweet toffee note that you loved in Cambodi Royale to be the salient feature of this oil too.
Gentle and never too overwhelming notes of dried fruits (figs and prunes) and wild flowers form the heart of the scent - the fruit being more prominent initially, and the florals blooming more as the oil develops. A keen nose will detect subtle suggestions of nutmeg and cinnamon, with subtler hints of other spices and herbs. Doused liberally in caramel and drizzled with barrel-aged maple syrup, a silky smooth resinous-woodiness plays with your senses from start to finish, and is sure to have your nose glued to your wrist.

With an agave-nectar consistency that ensures the scent is diffused slowly without bombarding your nose with volatile top notes, Royal Kampuchea is long-lasting, smooth and gentle. There is neither the tart fruity bite of Amai Jinkoh, nor the pungent bitter-woodiness of Koten Jinkoh. From opening note to dry down, every stage of the scent's evolution unfolds seamlessly, and teases your nose with waves of agarwoody bliss.

Royal Kampuchea. A royal treat for the finickiest oud connoisseurs.

I seriously can't get enough of the scent.
I carry my tiny vial everywhere, talk about it, smell it in the middle of the night! I love to put the smallest bit on a strand of my hair, and I can enjoy it all day. It creates an intense emotion in me, some sort of sweet intangible longing... but it's a good feeling, kind of like nostalgia.
C.M. (USA)

Taha, your Royal Kampuchea is the most rounded Cambodi I've smelled thus far. Placing many of the Cambodi oils I've owned below it with style. This is how Thaqeel was supposed to smell like, and it's not as dense as Thaqeel, which I like very much. The smell is translucent and uplifting, never too shy nor imposing. For me, it's purple with agarwood smoke threading through its scent, stayed and dignified. The true depiction of oud revered in the Hijaz. It's a masterpiece with the most reasonable price. I always see the Holy mosque, the honorable chamber of the Prophet, salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam when the oil cloaks me in its decent allure. The kind of allure that comforts you instead of exciting you. That transcends you in tunnels of light to eras longed after by the minds of the meditators. Congratulations! 
A.J. (Saudi Arabia)

Ripe with the sweetness of dried fruits, plum jam, brown sugar, vanilla and tawny port, this oil smells lusciously succulent, lavish and sensual- a golden richness that is a satiny, smooth, enticingly warm, and glowing. Resinous notes of hay, blond tobacco and amber add thickness and texture to the midrange, while a deliciously bitter note of roasted coffee beans adds sophistication and interest to this opulent feast. The drydown is a riveting combination of smoke and woods, an unexpected twist that adds a sultry and smoldering ending to this alluringly provocative, glamorous and plush fragrance.
Perfume Smellin' Things, Top 10 of Fall 2012 (USA)

I tried it tonight and have been captivated by it's depth of character and it's ability to keep my senses entranced. I adore both the original Oud Kampuchea and Koten Jinkoh. This one however is more like their wise grandfather. It has a story to tell and I can't help but listen. It's fruity, warm, woodsy, and has nice deep floral notes. I am enjoying this one, like no other. My favorite Cambodi yet! 
M.J. (USA)

Royal Kampuchea may be my favorite oil I've purchased from you so far.  I definitely smell the figs and prunes in the beginning, with a bit of wood.  What I really like is that the oil is very smooth, it's never overpowering, and I like how it settles down where I can still smell the dried fruit, with some flowers, and a hint of wood leftover.
S.K. (USA)

I put it on maybe ~15 mins. ago. So far, it's a classic Cambodian. But lest you think I'm not impressed, think again. It's rich, fruity, syrupy & luscious. I'm getting hints of butterscotch & caramel; so far, the only Cambodian that goes that way for me is Thaqeel. 
E.S. (USA)

Similar to Cambodi Royale also is that the oil does not project at a high volume constantly, but appears in delicious waves floating up to the wearer! This effect makes wearing this oil such a pleasure, as it reminds you of it's presence throughout the day while avoiding olfactory fatigue, and at the same time has great lasting power. Makes me feel like I am receiving delicious gifts throughout the day - and hence one feels rather special... A truly great oil IMO
R.S. (Australia)

True to the Cambodi type, Royale Kampucha is a cornucopia of dried raisins, currants, cherries, figs, aged port and caramel. It is thick with a sophisticated, dark sweetness and exudes a teacle-y resonance that is as smooth as tortoiseshell, as soft as lambskin and as mellow as butterscotch pudding. Another dimension is added by a slightly bitter woodiness and balsamic acidity whose sharp contrast to the golden scents of sultanas, cinnamon and hay, adds backbone, energy and resoluteness to the composition. I’m not able to smell the flowers mentioned in the review but this oil smells so sumptuous and rich I certainly don’t miss them ☺ It’s warmth and glamour would make me reach for the bottle when deciding what to wear to a festive celebration, or when I wanted something both cozy and bracing on a cold, winter’s night. I may not be “Royal” but this oil makes me feel as though I am when I wear it ☺
P.S.-Six hours later the drydown smells smoky/woody and is still going strong.
M.W. (USA)