Oud Product

Royal Papua

Royal Papua was the last of the grand scale distillation project we ran for a special client from the Middle East.

During a short trip to Dubai, where I had booked all my Arab clientele meetings, I brought along a small amount of Royal Papua, along with Cambodian and Indian ouds of the same project.
Without exception, every single person who smelled this oil loved it the most - despite the common bias for Cambodian and Indian ouds in the Gulf Arab countries. Oil stains on forearms from the other oud oils I swiped them with were left neglected, as their noses kept going back to the spot where Royal Papua was applied.
"Ajeeb". *Subhan Allah".
That's all they uttered for the first ten minutes or so, shaking their heads and clucking their tongues. The gahwa got cold, the baklava was ignored, but no one seemed to care.

This is our first Indonesian Gen4 oud oil. So you will find the base notes to be deep and dark (you'd almost think its laced with birch tar), and at the same time the top notes brazen, soaring high.

Distilled from the same genus of agarwood as Ketenangan and Jumanten, Gyrinops, you will find the unmistakable leafy-green minty and sweet top notes you have come to expect in oud oils of this genus.

But this is Gen4: the distillation was conducted to amplify the darkness of the heavy base notes while at the same time maintaining the airier top notes, unwarped and intact. And so, you will find the peaks higher and valleys deeper.
Compared to Jumanten (raw materials from the same region: Manokwari, Papua), there are no marine/salty notes. This time, there is an abundance of sweet date juice, scorched spices, cola, and bitter-sweet resin.

Those of you who already smelled this oud oil at my home or during my trip to Dubai, know how special it is. I just wasn't able to sell any before, anxiously waiting for our client to decide how much of the yield he would get (he funded the project almost entirely, hence earning the right to choose).
After he got what he wanted, there was some left over, and that is the only reason this oil made it to the website.

Indonesian ouds are synonymous with 'oud lite' in most people's minds. Certainly not the case with this oil, as you'll discover.
This is our first Gen4 Indonesian oud; after smelling Royal Papua I'm sure you'll know what to expect in our other upcoming Gen4 Indonesian ouds.
Unschool. Re-school. Discover new horizons in the world of oud.

Smelling it had an immediate transporting  effect. I found myself back in the jungle of Tikal several years ago trying not to get soaking wet by a sudden tropical rain, running under a tree. Soon the rain started to release minty, earthy, medicinal jungle scents blended with the aromatic leaves of the tree I was hiding under, which proved to be an all spice tree.
I am a big fan of Papuan oud!
C.K. (Switzerland)

Royal Papua is a beautiful oil.  The green jungle dankness that develops after a swipe is mesmerizing. I close my eyes and I am transported to the bank of my favorite creek in my favorite forest. A truly refreshing and calming oil.
M.S. (USA)

Right away, I really liked Royal Papua.
S.G. (USA)

The Royal Papua is developing comfortably.  No shrill notes. No loud wafts. Very lovely bloom and of!
L.K. (USA)

The Royal Papua gets better and better every hour! And it smells at its best ( to my opinion ) the morning after.

Royal Papua a vraiment éveillé chez moi l'odeur de forêt humide chez nous dans le nord de la France : du bois frais , mêlé des feuilles d'automne jonchant le sol , avec de temps à autre une petite touche cirée que je perçois. Je me suis également rappelé de Sultan's solace ,mais cette dernière étant plus "crue" ,  Royal papu  plus chaude et plus confortable comme parfum.Je l'ai beaucoup aimée , mais je ne sai.
J.S. (France)

The Royal Papua definitely has an island vibration. It's like multishades of green plants and a rain shower mist of fragrant jungle trees.
-Customer (USA)

Royal Papua is also very good; even though Papua is not my favourite type that one is very mellowed and accessible. Very nice and pleasant scent.That one also is thumb up.
A.K. (France)

Very earthy and jungly type of oud here... Lots of depth and richness - I love the combination of minty and medicinal - the oud is a beautiful syrupy brown color and is very full-bodied. As with a couple other ouds from AA recently this one will take awhile to learn and fully appreciate.
J.M. (USA)