Oud Product

Siam 4K

This distillation project marked a significant milestone in Agar Aura's history.

I had given my stamp of approval to the raw material - wild agarwood from Nakhon Ratchasima province in Thailand - and paid for it, and intended to get back to it after finishing up with some other projects.
But then out of nowhere the Covid-19 bug came and bit the world. And it was none other than this batch of wood that taught me how to get my other pre-approved international batches of woods into Malaysia for distillation, unmanned.
The upside: the factory kept running (albeit at a drastically lower production rate) and some legends were distilled. The downside: to get the wood batches in, they had to be shipped in powder form. So I could not capture videos of awesome incense-grade batches of wood getting pulverized into a powder, for your viewing pleasure.

Thank goodness, for some reason I got the idea to snap a picture of a handful of wood set aside in a dime bag.

They don't cook wood like this.
Not smart, they say.
I say, show me another Thai oil that smells like Siam 4K.

There are none of the cloying over-ripened fruit notes you find in virtually all Thai oils; a testament to the use of using low grade young or plantation agarwood (usually both) for distillation.
There are no fruity Thai notes at all, not even remotely. There are however very subtle hints of grape skin (like wild Pursat Cambodian) and honeydew melon (North Vietnamese).

What most folks don't know is that wild Thai agarwood is actually very similar to the most legendary of all agarwoods, Vietnamese. To the unfamiliar, I would say this oil smells very Vietnamese. And to those who've smelled Agar Aura's other wild Thai oils, I say, this oil represents the very heart of wild Thai oud (and it's a neat coincidence the wood was from the very middle of Thailand).

Delivering a thousand volt ZAP! to the brain right from the get-go, the first notes that greet your nose are vaporous and peppery. Vaporous like the cooling character of Kyara, and peppery like a mix of black and white pepper, along with a tickling pollen-y floral element you commonly find in many White Kyaras. Undercurrents of grape and melon give it a scrumptious appeal.
There's plenty of Stingless Bee honey and zesty sun-baked herbs like you smell in both White and Yellow Kyaras.
The sugary-vanillic element is not as pronounced as Green or Black Kyara but is still there, but what's most surprising is that the 'cooked milk' creamy lactonic aroma has a massive presence, particularly as the oil develops on the skin.

Never smelled real oud, and think it's supposed to stink?
Or maybe you've smelled Thai (plantation) oud and were left thoroughly dissatisfied.
Let Siam 4K re-school you.

Sparkling, highly addictive, mind-shifting...
Empty your mind, and get ready for an olfactory adventure.

I just received Siam 4K and I’m absolutely impressed with the quality and synesthesia-like experience it produced. I put a drop on my tongue and swiped my wrist and took a DEEP inhale. What happened next was magical. It was like a kaleidoscope of golden tones exploded in my mind. The smell and the taste combined created a richness I didn’t know existed.
I was surprised at the opening fresh hay meets copper pot soaked in berry drenched honey and spices. The bitter qualities of the oil were immediately present but a gorgeous candy like Oud note showed up and dominated the heart. It felt like the peak Thai experience but amplified and stretched out as far as it could possibly go. There’s so much depth it’s incredible. I’m truly astounded by this oil. The drydown is so creamy and delectable. I picked up Kinamic like wafts of bitter green dragon’s breath. This has to be the most beautiful oil I’ve smelled.
A.R. (USA)

I almost forgot to talk about the herbs as well. There’s an almost Chinese vibe to parts of this oil that completely blew my mind. I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy another Thai oil after smelling this beauty. It’s ruined so many oils in my collection. They feel hollow and lifeless after Siam 4K.
A.R. (USA)

One of my fav for deep meditation….
- Customer With very subtle notes of Osmanthus and Peach under a bright layer of light resin, with a gentle and clear and high uplift, it is simply one of the best Thai ouds I've ever experienced.
H.F. (USA)

Siam 4k is the best sweet smokiness of my collection ! It’s clean, and full of terpenoids !
It’s strange because it’s like the smell is present but not present a the same time, it’s like there is more than only one dimension... you can smell this from many dimensional way... 4K , 4 dimensions maybe...
- Customer

Light green , sweet melon , honey...
So far you're the only one who's been able to display this side of thai oudh to such an extent. pra rachini, prachin sk, siam sk and 4k
T.B. (USA)

I think just by sniffing the vial will be basically Luang4K
D.P. (India)

Loving Siam 4K as well. I do get the Vietnamese similarities. It’s so sweet and round with lots of tobacco and perfect amount of sharp bitter spice buzz in the background. It’s so good.
M.L. (USA)

I went with Siam 4K. After trying Mynma Gold and being completely blown away by the kinamic presence it exhibits for the price point I want to further explore that profile. Jumping into a pure Thai Kinamic oil sounds amazing and it’s not often you find a deal like this. 
- Customer

Siam 4k opens with pineapple fading into some illegal substances mixed together. 😄
S.T. (France)

Siam 4k
S.T. (France)

A wonderful kinamic Viet profile with the light Pursat note in it that you described: buzzy and beautiful
G.R. (USA)