Oud Product

Sample Pack

The Covid-19 pandemic did severely stagger our production capacity, but we trudged along, and quietly distilled away as much as we could behind the scenes.
Given the new-found obsession with straight up pure oud oils among many new Agar Aura parfum customers, we decided it would be a good idea to put together a discovery set of some of our unreleased oud oils covering various terroirs and species of oud.

Sample Pack (0.15g of each)
Blue Malay (Malaysia)
Kinabang (Cambodia)
Koh Song (Myanmar)
Trang (Thailand)
Sik (Malaysia)

Blue Malay (full bottle $1,095)
Distilled from THE highest quality of non-Kinam oud, called ‘ant nest’ wood. Massive ⚡ very penetrating, uplifting aroma.

Kinabang (full bottle $995)
Massive ⚡ kinamilicious oud from Battambang jungle. Ancient wood, first oud oil ever distilled in the world from this jungle. Very, very old ancient wood hence massive buzz factor. Smells like green + yellow kyara.

Koh Song (full bottle $795)
Ancient wood from a newly-opened jungle of South Myanmar. Once again, first oud oil ever distilled in the world from this jungle. Smells like a mix of Indian + Malaysian + Cambodian. Rich, ‘thick’, 'heavy' aroma but balanced by bright, crisp and cool facets.

Trang (full bottle $395)
If you love wild Thai oud oils (Phan Fa, Mardelong, Rakoku Jinkoh), you'll love this oil. Rich, satisfying, and excellent bang for buck. Captivating contrast of 'pretty' sweet fruity and lilac notes, juxtaposed against rugged wood and bittersweet resin.

Sik (full bottle $325)
Good bang for buck. Solid upper-intro level, classic pungent green woody jungly profile. An affordable everyday-wear oud for people who love the Malaysian oud profile (cola, jungle, pepper, rugged woods).