Oud Product


At long last its here. The oud that many of you have been waiting for, and I can tell you its far more magnificent than I could have imagined.

Distilled from an almost century-old tree spotted near the Kelantan-Pahang border in Malaysia (see blog post here), the quality of the oil is evident in its richness, depth and unusually broad scent spectrum. And why wouldn't it be? The tree was so old, and the resin so well-developed that after fully drying the wood, some of it was found to be sinking-grade agarwood (see here).

There are ouds that are pretty because of floral notes, like Oud Urjuani. And there are ouds that are pretty because of fruity notes, like Kuno Kayu and Ponlamai Thai.

How about an oud that's pretty in its sheer oudiness? That would be Sempurna.

Yes, there are some subtle fruity notes, even some caramelized honey. But if you tried our Agar Supreme, you will know that Malaysian ouds are all about sheer oudiness. Sempurna is no exception.

There were two batches of oil distilled from this tree, and Sempurna was distilled using copper apparatus whereas the other batch was distilled using stainless-steel apparatus.

Sempurna is cool, airy and uplifting in its opening notes, and warm and resinous in its heart and base notes. But most significantly, thanks to the use of copper pots, the entire scent palette is imbued with an elegant creamy-sweetness that cannot be described by anything but two words: 'agarwoody' and 'pretty'.
Moreso than the scent of furiously bubbling agarwood chips which is best captured using stainless-steel apparatus, Sempurna instead smells like the vapor emitted from a very gently heated (not burned) high grade agarwood chip. No harsh burnt aroma, no acrid or abrasive notes whatsoever. Just oudiness. Sweet, sweet oudiness.

Today I'm wearing Sempurna and WOW, Taha, this is truly amazing. Sooo deep and... I don't even know.
M.S. (USA)

Funny thing. I was sitting in my movie chair flipping through the channels and something familiar kept tickling my nose. I knew what it was but was really surprised to smell it. I shook my head and rechecked and it was still there, very faint. I thought, I haven't burned any kyara for over 2 weeks could that sliver that I didn't cook all the way be the source? I picked up the sliver and sniffed, nope not it. then I checked my arms and its not really there but I do get wafts of kyara from, sempurna. its been on my arms for 9 hours and Ive worn clothes and took a nap. to me it feels like theres going to be a big change in the oil coming soon.
Customer (USA)

One word...MAJESTIC...
A.J. (Saudi Arabia)

I put on Sempurna yesterday morning and showered last night & I still smell Sempurna lol what I nice smelling oud. I get sweet sweet hints of Tonka,Balsam,cinnamon with this one. Or is it me. During the day I'm like daaaaamn! That's nice. I can see why it's a pricier oud oil. Goes a long way to two lil' dots is all I needed.
C.D. (USA)

As soon as I got my nose on oud sampurna I knew this is one special oil that will always put a smile on my face. From the moment I opened the vial to the dry down there's not a single off note. Fortunate is the person who can age this oil, it will payback you back with lots of :-)
M.D. (U.K.)

As far as Sempurna it is simply exquisite!!  Not a single off-putting note whatsoever.  For me I fell in love with the opening, which was like a sweet honey.  It actually reminds me quite a bit of a Borneo oil, not completely but a little bit.
S.K. (USA)

I was expecting that I was going to enjoy Sempurna, because, as you know, I have developed a deep emotional connection with Oud Supreme; and I thought since I love the one, I'll at least like the other.
I applied Sempurna to my wrist when I laid down for the night, knowing that it would be at least half an hour 'til I fell asleep, and I would have some time to focus without interruption. I was hit immediately with a spiciness that I have recognized in a few of your oils. Yes, there was that familiar pepper and cinnamon and clove, but somehow more mellow than I'd experienced in other. If the opening notes of Sempurna could be likened to chai tea, someone added a whole lot of cream.
Within a couple of minutes, an image leapt into my head: a great tree in an quiet, shadowy forest. Everything was soft around the edges, out of focus except for the flower; because, sprouting from the trunk, level with my eyes and so clear, was a large blossom carved out of wood! Its petals were open, and it was fashioned in such detail. And as I held the vision in my mind, I thought, "Sempurna is what an agarwood flower should smell like".
Strangely enough, some time after this mental picture faded away, the scent on my wrist became somewhat floral. I realized the wooden flower had been a harbinger of the notes that were soon to come. This wasn't like any flower I've ever smelled before, and yet "floral" is the best way I can describe the lovely, every-so-slightly sweet scent.
I have worn this oil twice since, and to sum it up (thus far), I would say: Wearing Sempurna is like clothing oneself in a dream... the beautiful, lingering dream of an ancient agarwood tree.
So yes, Taha, this oil is simply fabulous!
C.M. (USA)

I did find that it is quite similar to Agar Supreme. Maybe a bit fruitier and smoother. I think it's a beautiful and invoking oil. You can tell it's made from highly resinated Agarwood chips. I am also picking up the floral characteristics. All around a "beautiful" oud oil!
M.J. (USA)

The oil started off medicinal then evolved onto an old fine wood/woody note... Which has lead me to what I'm smelling right now and that's this rich perfumey/resinous scent encased in the aroma of freshly chopped wood. I'm happy!
W.C. (USA)

The opening is sweet and mellow, it echoes the scent of its source wood (I was lucky to try the wood it was distilled from) and the wood's yummy gentle sweetness, almost a Cambodi in its prettiness but with the strong woody character one can only get from a Borneo. The oil's aroma is oozing with the scent of resin and sheer oudiness, but is completely unspoiled by the wood varnish note often found in Borneos, the type of note that often spoils Borneo/Malay oils for me. Much like the source wood which goes through three distinct stages when heated the Sempurna displays three different personas throughout its development - almost Cambodi-like sweetness, strong Borneosque airy oudiness and then finally - a Berau/Papua gentle balsamic oudiness in its drydown. Every time I try it I notice some other notes that I know from oils from completely different regions, I love this game of discovery, exactly the type of experience I am looking for in ouds!
I.T. (Canada)

I am lying on my bed, totally blocking out the noise from downstairs, just chilling out in the deliciousness of Sempurana. At the moment I feel as though I could wear it every day and not tire of it. It's oud-y sweetness is "just right"- not to thick, too thin, too fruity or too vanillic. It's the oud that Goldilocks would have brought to the three bears on Christmas morning if they'd all done their chores, their homework, and not eaten any little girls during the past year :-) I'd better sneak my laptop downstairs, say my apologies, and get back to the "real world". I don't know if I'll be able to shake off my mellowness.
M.W. (USA)

Sempurna has about the smoothest, purest, agarwood note ive ever smelled. The next day it turns to a sweet agarwood note on my arm.
J.C. (USA)