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Sultan's Solace

If you were to ask me, "If you could have only ONE oud oil, which one would it be?" I would answer without a second's hesitation, "Sultan's Solace".

Distilled from what could easily be the most ancient trees ever used for producing an oud oil, these agarwood trees were neither chopped down nor were slices from a standing tree used for producing the oil. Rather, these trees were discovered already dead, buried deep under a marsh in Papua island. The trees were gigantic and could easily have been 200-300 years old.

These trees were Aquilaria Filaria - a species of agarwood whose oil you may have never smelled before. No doubt, there are some Papua oils in the market, but almost all of those oils that you can lay your hands on today were distilled using 'typical' Indonesian distillation techniques.
Sultan's Solace, on the other hand, is a dream come true for me - a vision I've had for almost 3 years, but couldn't put into action for one reason or another - until now.

For too many reasons to count, it is next to impossible today to conduct a high quality custom distillation of Papuan agarwood (low quality Papuan materials, on the other hand, are the most abundant in the market today). So when the opportunity arose, I knew I had to avail it.

Using a distillation design with attention paid to every little detail, the oil was extracted using the optimal distillation setup required for crafting the finest Papuan oud possible.
Without going into all the details, the long and short of it is that this is an oil extracted using gentle hydro-distillation in thick-walled stainless-steel apparatus. Most Papua ouds you find today have been distilled using the cheaper steam-distillation method, and in thin-walled stainless-steel apparatus -- a combination that has the sole aim of minimizing costs, and its negative effects are blatant in the aroma: you get an oil that's metallic, salty, and high-pitched.
On the other hand, the combination we chose is a match made in heaven as far as Aquilaria Filaria oud is concerned.

So let's move on to this oil's aroma.

You may have noticed with oils like Sempurna, Nagaland Oud and others, that our focus has been to produce oils that capture something of the scent of heated agarwood chips. But in the case of Sultan's Solace, the unusual properties of Filaria oleoresin combined with our unique distillation setup gave us an oil that is as close as possible that you can get to the scent of bubbling agarwood chips. Take the finest Borneo, Indian, Thai or any other ouds, and they won't even come close to the amazing accuracy of this oil in capturing that aroma.

One of the neatest thing about Sultan's Solace is that it features lots of bright top notes as well as dark, deep base notes. This makes the oud extremely versatile so you can wear it year-round. And what's even more fascinating is that you will smell the base notes even in the opening, and the top notes even in the drydown.
Sweet sassafras and oakmoss balance the earthy and foresty notes. Crystalline wintergreen and pine ride on top of dark resinous notes. An addictive woody smokiness permeates the entire scent spectrum. Absolutely NO leather or animalic elements.

In short: burn the finest agarwood from Papua, or apply a swipe of this oil - you'll achieve the same effect.

A great oud oil, fresh, green and darkned, woody, smoky, everything that I like.
T.H. (France)

It has a smokiness, but nothing overwhelming and it is actually quite complex and I would never guess it to be a Paupan oud. When I hear Paupan, I somehow seem to equate it with being a lower quality, but this is not the case. This smells like a light, refreshing, spring mist Borneo. It is definitely clean and refreshing while maintaining a sense of masculinity. I understand how you described it as maintaing the incense quality.
E.T. (USA)

Eh bien , finalement , je n'ai pu m'empêcher d'essayer immédiatement sur mon poignet gauche. Et qu'elle odeur ! Difficile à trouver les termes exactes , mais je peux dire que je suis frappé par une odeur très pur de bois . Un oud effectivement lumineux...Le plus incroyable , c'est que j'ai à peine effleuré ma peau avec le parfum... L'huile est vraiment très concentrée et de qualité.
J.M.S. (France)

From the moment I took my first sniff I knew this was something I had to have a full bottle of. Lovely 'burnt' type opening. Smokey to the max, I found myself smelling it again and again. It's not the burning you associate with a garden fire or something unpleasant. This is top quality, primeval oud. It has a fragrance that permeates so much I can taste it in the back of my throat.
It smells strong, yet smooth, creamy even and refined. This is a unique oud and I can see how many Western takes on Oud have tried to copy it's shadow.
It's very natural smelling and I'm overjoyed to have a bottle of this in my collection.
Recently I've sampled about 15 pure Ouds from different suppliers - not a single one smells like this! I'm seriously considering a back up bottle!
Z.H. (UK)

My nose about 6 inches from the swipe of oil: "Wow, this oil is great. It smells so pleasant, like a spring mist rain on deep, foresty, mossy island covered in fog
"oohhh how pleasant this stuff smells great, let me get closer..."
As my nose is about 2 inches from the fresh swipe....
" Oooh yes, this is so fresh and crisp and slighly smokey.... zZZZZzzaap, snap crack my brain shuts down from being overloaded with such complexity and pleasantness."
Reminds me of the ouds of days gone by.
Customer (USA)