Oud Product

Soryo No Kaori

In Neriko and Bushi No Kaori, you got to experience two very different, and among the most ancient genres in the Japanese incense tradition.

Unlike Neriko's flamboyant sweet creamy-woodiness and Bushi No Kaori's serious and sombre character, Soryo No Kaori strikes a perfect balance in its scent notes. There's dark woodiness, sweeter notes, zesty highlights and serene woodiness - all united in perfect harmony.

Alongside oud oil, another key ingredient in this blend is authentic Japanese Hinoki wood oil. Hinoki has a long history of being used in traditional architecture including palaces, shrines and temples. It is also used inReiki, healing and cleansing.

Soryo No Kaori has subtle suggestions of spices used in traditional incense mixes that are also regarded as having purifying properties. A deep smokiness coupled with the classic ingredients paints a vivid image of an ancient Japanese temple, the Hinoki wood structure dark with age and its soft woody smell mixed with centuries' worth of incense burnt. Threads of fragrant smoke rise from a bronze censer where agarwood and other incense materials are burning and exuding a tantalizing aroma.

The whole scene is one of peace and serenity.

I received my Koten Jinkoh today. Along with my purchase, I received a free sample of Soryo No Kaori. I was so mesmerized with Koten Jinkoh, that I was a bit sceptical about trying on the sample.  The second I put Soryo No Kaori on my hand, I was blown away by its perfection.  It was the perfect blend of oud, woods and spices.  It had this amazing, mysterious, smoky smell that's impossible to put into words. This will, probably, be my next purchase from Agaraura.
O.S. (Canada)

I greatly enjoy this oud / hinoki blend. Dark and full of strength.
G.C. (USA)

I happened to be wearing the Koten Jinkoh on me and the Soryo No Kaori on the tassel of mala/bracelet I made by hand. The combination was... I don't really have words. It was unexpected and amazing. My girlfriend noticed as well and asked what I was wearing. That's how much the two changed when combined in that way. On their own I'd never think they would blend. But upon wearing I was amazed.
M.P. (USA)

Soryo no Kaori has really grown on me. Caught a whiff of it in my pillow last night. Deep, calming and contemplative.
C.P. (USA)