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Vietnam Special K

Ask just about anyone, and they'll tell you that the last step of the agarwood ladder, the ultimate experience, is Kyara.
And those who've been enjoying Kyara for long enough will probably tell you, they've never smelled a specimen as amazing as Baieido's legendary old stock Green-Oil Kyara.

I knew the raw material for this oil was special the first time I saw it with my eyes. The first flick of the lighter, and my nose confirmed it.
After countless days and nights of carefully monitoring the distillation, the oil was finally collected, and a healthy swipe of the oil made all the toils worth it.

This is the finest replica of Baieido's Green-Oil Kyara, if there ever was one.

Wild-harvested rare Vietnamese to the bone (the raw material was already awesome to begin with), it was that 'Special K' streak that ran through it which took over my mind the moment I smelled it, and that is precisely what I knew I had to capture and showcase in the oil.

With an OCD worthy of being noted in the Guinness Book of World Records, this distillation was conducted with such care and attention that most would perhaps deem it unnecessary. But I knew that to allow that 'Special K' to permeate every aromatic peak and valley of the scent profile, there was no other way.

Top notes: Baieido Green-Oil Kyara.
Heart notes: Baieido Green-Oil Kyara.
Base notes: Baieido Green-Oil Kyara.

To claim that this oil surpasses even Berkilau, Betonamu Jinkoh and Ceylon No.1 is not an exaggeration.

I hope you will love this oud as much as the love that was put into crafting it.

the special k started off weak but then was shouting out of a load speaker! its allmost too much, it so active a scent that it really clogs up the olfactory sensors on me. seems to be a chamelon and changes from a kyara to jammy nectar, back and forth it changes, very pernetraing and at times overbearing. super strong stuff...
J.C. (USA)

Eh bien VSK a fini par me faire craquer ! ;))
Il fallait attendre ; VSK est en effet pleine de surprise !
Quelle huile merveilleuse , quelle subtilité dans le fond...! Verte , oui , mais surtout délicieuse : il y a quelque chose de miellé et de sucre vanillé avec la note savonneuse.... et chaude sur la fin (comme s'il y avait qqs notes d'ambre..) Aucune odeur de grange , de foin ou encore d'écurie. C'est très pure .
J.M.S. (France)

It is like i am in heaven and walking on clouds... it is divine. Literally.
P.O. (USA)

Viet is pure nobility and refinement, from application to last echoes of drydown. That's why it's a masterpiece of oud making to me.
C.G. (USA)

I think Vietnam special K might be your crowning achievement. That oil is a Picasso.
C.G. (USA)

Like with every Kinam oil I have tried, I have struggled immensely to describe the aroma. I found these oils to mostly be an experience rather then just a scent I can describe as 'sweet, fruity, woody, etc.'.
Taha says his goal was to recreate the Baieido Green Kyara scent. Did he succeed? I have no idea. I never experienced the smell before and I doubt I ever will. What he has created is a scent that to me smells like walking on clouds in heaven. It is so beautiful and serene, it is a religious experience. This is clearly an oleoresin oil. There are no accessory notes that I can detect. Compared to K1, it is sweeter. Still unmistakably Vietnamese with the bitter medicinal green notes interwoven together. But the there is nothing bitter about it. This oil is angelic beauty. Perfume like in its presentation. Calm serenity with inspiration.
I have to say, from the bottom of my heart, thank you Taha. It is clear this oil was not easy to make nor cheap. But the effort is so very much appreciated.
kesiro (USA)

Holy guacamole, what an oil - I received a .3g qty and transferred most of it to a .1ml v-vial for storage. The remaining little puddle sits at the bottom of the the sample vial, slowly oxidizing and thus "aging" rapidly (and ultimately, probably not as well) in relation to the v-vial sample - a small bit of this is quite delightful today, a soaring and majestic sort of scent..
J.M. (USA)

Wow BRO!
These are awesome. So far i have not applied them but just smelled them from the bottles and what can i say Vietnam strait up perfume of the finest quality followed by the Ascent again strait up perfume but of a more manly style and to finish it off with the Cambodian straight up resin my dude so awesome. They all are just amazing and i can only hope that i will be able to grab three grams of them in the near future.
J.S. (USA)

Your Vietnam special K was drop dead gorgeous along with the Tokusen Tai!
A.K. (USA)

The oil in my sample smells very similar to Ceylon No. 1. I've tried it over two days now, and just tried it once again, and I get the same 'structure' to the scent profile each time, as well as that top note that I love in the Ceylon No. 1, that I had described to you before as the scent note of the maile vine. Is it supposed to smell this way? I had assumed it would have more of a Betonamu Jinkoh profile, but that seems not to be the case. Finally, I pick up the kinam note but it seems layered under the C#1 note. A very pretty oil, I hadn't expected it to smell this pretty!
M.I. (USA)

Lovers of Japanese incense and all things apprently simple yet deep in complexities (Z axis elements?), I bet they'd enjoy the vietnam any day. Like a zen master in the middle of a quiet room, laced with tatami and sipping tea, with sweet incense scenting the room.
M.S. (Malaysia)