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Suka Cita

I can't tell you how long I've waited, and how excited I am, to finally unveil Suka Cita.
Incense grade raw material, check. Awesome aroma, check. Mind buzz, CHECK!

This oil is Royal Sumatra's non-identical twin. Lots of overlaps between the two oils' scent profiles, but this one smells more 'dense'. So if you love your oud oils calorie-dense and replete with richness, you'll be delighted by Suka Cita.

The dark fumey incense facet is very prominent here, very reminiscent of Royal Lao in many ways.
Lots of cola, fizzy 7Up with a dash of wintergreen, and a heavy vanillic sweetness à la old growth Sumatran agarwood chip on a live coal. But the most dominant note that persists across the entire scent spectrum: a brawny purplish-black gummy resinous quality that provides a delightful and addictive contrast against the cooling wintergreen and cream soda flavors.

Royal Sumatra surprised a lot of people; it smelled more like a cross between ethereal Borneo, cola-heavy Malay, and sophisticated bittersweet Vietnamese oud chips (and nothing like beef broth dumped into a turtle tank, which is what most Sumatran oils smell like).

Suka Cita boasts the very same overall aroma, awesome grade of raw materials (nearly the same as Cintaku)... at half the price. Its a no-brainer.

AA Suka cita - a lovely Sumatran oud, that's pure green bliss.
M.P. (Dubai)

Wow. Blown away. I never really understood the whole “mind-zing” idea, but now I think I get it. I’m legitimately getting a bit of a head buzz off of a swipe of this.
Top opens a little camphoric, and then it almost smells like a rainbow spectrum of delicious Oud-y fruit and resin notes, which harmonize into a beautiful perfume.
There’s a richness to this oil that I’ve never experienced before; it’s scratching an itch in my brain that I didn’t know I had. Taha has a customer in me for life, wallet be dammed.
J.B. (USA)

You’re killing me with this Suka cita
It’s just the sort of Indonesian oil I am after…
The smallest drop and I am encountered with the most beautiful ethereal Indonesian ripe banana , syrupy soda, and chocolatey forrest floor almost, maybe not chocolate but the impression of chocolate lol
Brother one more thing, a Kinamic quality? Is that a green bitter also Sinensis like quality as I swear to Allah I did the mind buzz sniff and I got that quality from suka
Absolutely mind bending
J.R. (UK)

Suka Cita is obviously a superb oil. I have to spend more time to understand it. Very powerful and strong. 
N.K. (Canada)

Pristine cola note, vanilla, cream, wild flowers. A superb oil!
N.K. (Canada)

A majestic, sparkling oil with an enjoyable progression from day to night, the mimicry of effervescence followed by the depths of oudiness.
- Customer

Its great oil, top grade and the price really cheap for the quality you getting
B.A. (Kuwait)

M.P. (USA)

Wonderful oil. Highly recommend. Has a similar tone as Royal Sumatra with just a very slight difference in dry down. Lasts a long time. Happy juice in a bottle. Taha makes some unreal mind benders. Whew.
Z.W. (USA)

It is a must have if you’re a fan of Royal Sumatra! I already have both and highly recommend for any ‘Cola’ heads ;-)
J.W. (USA)

This oil is awesome. You may see the $500 price tag, but this is Taha, Agar Aura, Royal level oil, so the price is usually 2 , 3, or 4 times that. This oil is a POWERHOUSE. Easily worth the $500. If this had been released (publically) it 2019, it would have been MY oud of the year.
A.J. (USA)

Super high octane oil with an opening similar to the hyperbolic sweetness I've found in a couple Borneos. Except that in those Borneos, it lasts for a minute or less, whereas in Suka Cita it lasts an hour or so; maybe more. Quite franlky, I was shocked when I first wore it. "So green it's black", from the shear density and intensity, like some kind of concentrate.
A.J. (USA)

Taha knocked it out of the park with this one. The oil is in a Great place with tons of supersonic vibration. It’s bigger brother is almost too much. Bombards one with a million and one micro cuts to the nasal cavity.
R.S. (Canada)