Oud Product

Cambodian Sultan

Cambodi Sultan hails from our favorite Cambodian region of Koh Kong. This oil displays the darkness of our Calambac oil, the liquored oudiness of our extremely popular Koh Kong oud oil, and the bright fruitiness of one of Agar Aura's first Cambodian oils, Cambodian Ateeq.
Can you say nostalgia?

There are primarily 3 different types of Cambodian oud oils; those that are woody and sumptuous, those that are fruity and scrumptious, and those that are penetrating and resinous.

Cambodi Sultan falls under all three categories. It displays a powerful contrast of rugged wood notes and sweeter highlights.

Vibrant and lively, the opening note has a sweetness of berries balanced by an addictive resinous note that is present throughout the life of the scent. A bright and clean ethereal note hovers over the scent.
As the scent develops on the skin it becomes smoother, and subtle accents of musk and wild flowers emerge. Hints of cork, amber, herbal foresty notes, and other nuances speckle the scent profile of this oil, and give it a completeness that leaves you satisfied.

I applied some of your beautiful Sultan, and... I am in tears.
B.D. (Canada)

I was just going to send you an E-mail thanking you for the Sultan Oil. It is so full of Jam, berries and prunes like I never smelled before. Ma Sha Allah. You truly know and carry exceptional stuff.
H.S. (USA)

Incredibly viscous, darker than honey, and smelling it I feel like I'm starting all over again. No idea how to describe it - resinous, like burning woods but also like the dried fruits in Arabie. Notes of liquorice too. I get that medicinal association that is the oud-signifier in some Western-style perfumes, but some sort of earthy note too. I put on an abolutely tiny amount and little waves of complex goodness keep wafting up to me three hours later. Wow!
C.W. (USA)