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Sutera Sumba

If there is one agarwood that was made to be distilled for its oil, its the Gyrinops variety of agarwood from the Indonesian island Sumba.

Whereas Vietnamese Crassna agarwood could be categorized as being the most balanced and 'neutral' of all agarwood varieties, Sumban wood is the polar opposite. With the seams bursting around the edges, this agarwood is so jam-packed with flavors of all sorts that its literally a complete perfume on its own.

If you have tried oud from Sri Lanka or Papua before – also of the Gyrinops variety – you will have already discovered the unique 'perfumey' quality that this strain of agarwood possesses. Sumba takes that to a whole 'nother level. This is a perfume concoction cooked up by nature itself.

Musky florals, zesty spices, bitter herbs and a dark mysterious jungly depth at the heart of it all, Sutera Sumba is an oud that has a bit of everything... no scratch that, a whole lotta everything. And then some. If Vietnamese oud could be likened to top quality Sashimi, then this oud is the Qorma curry with deep fried Samomas and Pakoras on the side. Qalaqand for dessert.

Salient scent notes: Orris butter (I kid you not), musky florals à la Night Queen and Ylang-Ylang, musk, silver ambergris, basil, peppermint, cardamom, black pepper, and deep agarwood petrichor.

If you've enjoy exotic island oud oils, you don't want to miss out on Sutera Sumba. This is as exotic as oud ever gets.

Sutera Sumba is different than any other oud I have ever tried. Honestly it smells like a perfume. Floral, musky, incensey. It almost smells like it has sandalwood in it. I trust Taha that this is pure oud oil. It smells amazing but in a different way than any other oud.
My half swipe is still going strong 8 hours after applying.
A.Z. (USA)

My wife wore this and it was sweet, grounding, wet grass/leaves (vetiver ?), oudy - and after sometime it became smokey
I wore it and it became little minty, and more wet grassy, oudy and certainly not sweet.
It is indeed an attar on its own; it felt complete like it had many other things going on but i am not able to unlock those scents. Not like it was purposely hiding; but more like it depends on the person to “wiff out” the secrets.
The colours that my mind can relate to this scent is more pale and dark green, with a touch of brown and smoke (i know this is not even a colour but somehow feels like it should be)
R.R. (Singapore)

Vaporous but tenacious with depth. Sweet, floral, spicy, earthy, 50 shades of green, wet forest floor, cepes and wood workshop notes. Super uplifting and energizing.
R.S. (Canada)

The sumba is a beast
P.O. (USA)

The middle, intensely floral phase is AMAZING and this lasts a LONG time as well as ha surprising projection for an oil of this type to me. Even on the final drydown, I am not let down as I frequently am with Borneo's and other Indonesian Oils. It's stays bright and lovely for over 12 hours on my skin.
S.G. (USA)

I totally see what you mean about the orris butter, that cooling effect on the nose and the olfactive center of the brain. Hard to believe it comes from wood!
C.V. (USA)

Sumba this morning. Dayyyyyyyum!!!

The Sutera Sumba is a lively beautiful oud, I am getting the musky florals with a hint of sandalwood.
N.S. (Australia)