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Syed's Succor

If there's one thing which by now most of our patrons have realized, its that we do two Ouds very differently: Indian and Merauke.
And out of these two, without exception, our Merauke oud oils always leave a lot of folks with broken hearts, usually getting sold out within days after they are released.

Problem is, its extremely difficult in this day and age to find decent Merauke raw material to cook.
But don't worry, Syed's Succor is here, and I can promise you if Merauke oud is your thing, you WILL find succor in its aroma too.

Here's the story behind the name of this oil:
Once upon a time so many years ago, there was our Merauke oud Sultan's Solace. It had taken an incredibly long time to finally craft a top notch Merauke oud worthy of Agar Aura's stamp of approval. Its aroma: deep, woody, smoky. The sort of aroma you'd imagine a sultan exuding. The sort of oud a sultan would find solace in having in his private reserve.
Years after that – years of trying to chase down high grade Merauke raw materials again – came Sultan's Succor. Its aroma: all of the above... and then some. The sort of oud a sultan would find consolation in, replacing the depleted stock of the previous oud.

And now, forget about the sultan.
Enter stage, yours truly.
Someone who has endured the hardship of hunting for agarwood in Asia's tropical jungles, witnessed the extinction of agarwood at the hands of poachers firsthand, made his days and nights one distilling oud oils with obsessive attention and care.
It goes without saying, one would expect that such a person's appreciation of fine oud should be deeper and more profound.

Syed's Succor
Everything you loved about the last two Meraukes, cranked up. More depth, more wood, more smoke. Not to mention, this is the only oud that lasts on my skin for 24+ hours. If you're a Merauke oud lover, then you owe it to yourself to have at least one bottle of this in your regular rotation, and maybe a couple more stashed away for posterity.

As the saying goes, "practice what you preach". As such, the entire batch of this oud will not be sold. Some will remain in my private reserve.
If you want to know the answer to the question I'm often asked, "Taha, why do smell like a walking incense stick?", grab a bottle and discover why.

Syed's Succor is such a refined and dense smooth masterpiece.
R.S. (UK)

Wow I really like this oud. Enjoying it.
F.S. (Australia)

I pretty much liked the oils especially your own signature syed's succor , the smell is really really amazing and i personally liked it more than the others.
T.A. (Abu Dhabi)

This stuff is medicine for the soul.
I have a problem… I cant seem to wear anything else but it…
I know its not the most expensive, rarest, highest grade wood etc. but it is the one oil i would keep if I could only have 1. A masterpiece.
- Customer

The Syed's Succor is probably my favorite for daily use. It has a sugary sweet note which balances the darkness. For me it is the most psychoactive.
P.O. (USA)

I am sipping some Ceremonial Matcha tea and inhaling stunning note's of Syed's Succor. Merauke has become not just one of my favorite types of oil, but one I find indispensable for dealing with life's stresses. The SS is so medicinal in its effect. The powerful dark incense contrasts with a delicate bright sweetness, all without any of the wet jungle smell is pure love at first smell. Mesmerizing.
P.O. (USA)

Dude! I cant believe how awesome the 2 succors are. Merauke heaven without the soggy jungle smell… So after a days worth of experience with the syed succor, i am comfortable in saying its the best oil per dollar of anything i ever bought.
- Customer

If you like bitter oakmoss, Maroke incense and dark green smoke, then Syed's Succor.
R.S. (UK)

So smooth, amazingly closest comparison obviously […]..but this has deeper/smoother and slightly more smokey rather than minty.
T.G. (Dubai)