Oud Product

Thai Symphony

In Oud Urjuani, you experienced the most floral oud imaginable.And its hard to imagine an oud more delectably fruity than Ponlamai Thai.

Then you have Thai Symphony.
This is an oud that combines the floral and fruity notes of both oils, and is easily the most perfume-like oud you could possibly imagine.

AgarAura's main emphasis is to offer ouds distilled from wild-harvested wood.
But Oud Urjuani and Ponlamai Thai were experiments that used sustainablecultivated agarwood instead, and their popularity and success showed that by using optimal techniques, it is possible to craft masterpieces from cultivated wood. Although the soul-stirring quality of agarwood is still only to be found in oils extracted from ancient wild agarwood trees, sometimes all you want is an oud that just smells great. Thai Symphony is such an oil - it won't break the bank, and it smells damn good.

Unlike typical cultivated oils that start off with an acetone-like sharpness, Thai Symphony goes on very smooth and gently unfurls opening notes of purple florals. The fruity notes follow and, like Ponlamai Thai, they are different from the typical fruit assortments that most Thai and Cambodian ouds display.
Think blushing golden apples and a hint of Riesling grapes, releasing into a sweet woody drydown.

There's no tartness. No sourness. No fecal, pungent, barnyard or any other notes that could be remotely described as being off-putting. And if you start noticing that people are coming up with silly excuses to hug you, maybe you need to apply a little less Thai Symphony. Or you could do them a favor and give them a swipe of the oil.

This is art. This is sustainable oud ─ done right.

I can't get my nose out of the Thai Symphony, it is enchanting! I never imagined a wood oil could smell so complicated. Really I don't think any other essential oil could improve the sent, it is a total perfume.
C.G. (USA)

It's my first pure oud oil and its fantastic.  Very fruity with a jammy fruit throughout.  At the beginning I do pick up a watery/juicy fruit such as grape or a tart apple.  Weaving in and out is a peppery wood smell.  I had co-workers that don't know what oud is smell it and all enjoyed.
It really shines in hot and humid weather.
T.A. (USA)

I realley liked Thai Symphony, close to what i expected, delightful, very fruity, light, hints of grapes, wine perhaps (never tasted it ..haraam:)) beatiful oil
N.B. (Kuwait)

This one has a energetic feel, very uplifting, slightly bright.  I really liked this one and received many compliments - I received praise for the "amazing" smell of my "cologne."  
C.S. (USA)

I love the Thai oud smell so much. More fruity and reminds me of the P. Thai that you ran out of..... (which again I loved!!!)
T.S. (USA)

Thai Symphony...
Lovely young butterfly,
Bright and flirty,
Tipsy with sweetness,
Flitting from fruit to flower.
She is bursting with apricot nectar,
A hint of whiskey on her breath..
C.M. (USA)

Wow, this is my favorite oud so far! 
I would describe the scent as a deep woodiness with notes of lilacs and liqour. It is a very wearable scent. I will definitely be wearing this one on my next date. Thank you Taha for making such an amazing oud so affordable.
A.R. (Canada)