Oud Product

Tia Sang

Vietnamese, check.
Wild-harvested, check.
Hand-made in Malaysia, check.

Crash course: the aromatic substance 'oud' forms inside agarwood trees as a result of the tree undergoing stress.
These stress stimuli range from bears sharpening their claws on the tree trunk, lightning striking one of the branches, fungal attacks, gravity (yep, even plain ol' gravity triggers oud oleoresin formation), and insect boring activity, to list but a few.
And what you may not have realized before is that every stimulus elicits a different immune response in the tree = different scent profile.

Tia Sang is one of only three oud oils that I have ever smelled which exhibit a rare and oft-overlooked genre of oud: "anthole" or "ant nest" oud.
(the name gives away the stress stimulus)
The other two oils include a Vietnamese oud from a colleague (which was actually distilled from solely anthole chips), as well as Agar Aura's old Cambodian oil Kanzen.

Anthole oud chips have a unique scent profile, characterized by intense bitterness and intense sweetness, but both flavors perfectly keeping each other in check:
The bitterness is terminally pungent, medicinal and... almost makes one think of poison (if that makes sense).
The sweetness can be likened to sweet condensed milk + the skin of blotchy bananas + Sukkari date juice + vanilla pods squeezed and rolled between your fingers.

And that is precisely the aroma of Tia Sang as well.
Bridging the two poles of bitter and sweet are hints of betel nut, anise, camphor, and iced hibiscus tea.

Kanzen was one of Agar Aura's most applauded oud oils. Cambodian by origin, many marveled at how 'Vietnamese' it smelled. Tia Sang is fully-Vietnamese, and this is the aroma Kanzen aspired to.

Another hit from Taha. Has a floral smell in the top that I’ve never smelled in my life. Can’t even describe it accurately. Maybe like clover honey meets humidor wood? Best I can do. Amazing stuff.
Z.W. (USA)

I tried Tia Sang this morning. I didn't get the same dizzy brain buzz as RS but there is something activating my cells. I feel very relaxed but not the sleepy kind.
J.L. (USA)

100 Mark's to Taha for giving it a perfect name Glittery indeed.
M.A. (UAE)

I tried Tia sang again, and
🤩 wow!
This one is so fruity, like gently sweet blue berries and with a silky texture over that! It remind me Nashila for his colors. I like oil of that kind!
S.H. (Canada)

That remindes me of another oudh vietnamese with a very strong chocolate green branch bitter scent
T.D. (USA)

Just swiped some Tia Sang. I am getting some red berries with some bitterness.
A.Z. (USA)

If I was about to be married now. I might take a shower in Luang or Tia Sang. For sure. I can imagine how I would feel with that.
- Customer

Bittersweet-medicinal with very dry berries light spices quietly in background. I like the aroma.
M.B. (USA)

Bro Tiasang, it's getting colourful dark greener in the sniff test and it's an energizer now.
Today I got this cool mentholic airyness in my first sniff which kinda reloaded my battery level.
M.A. (UAE)

On a side note, I let my wife sniff Tia Sang from the bottle itself. Asked her to close her eyes and take a deep breath.
I could see her facial expression going from high pitch to a total calm in the first sniff. Next thing she told me was, dont talk to me I want to be quite and sleep.
M.A. (UAE)

Tia Sang
Tia Sang is smelling amazing
P.P. (India)