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Ukupan Kayu

From a purely scientific point of view, the north east-coast Malaysian state of Terengganu along with a few west-coast regions stand head and shoulders above all other regions in Malaysia, in terms of the impressive concentrations of sesquiterpene compounds their agarwood possesses.
And compared to her sister states to the west, Terengganu is unique in that it has impressive concentrations of not just rich sesquiterpenes, but also a rich palette of delightful auxiliary aromatic compounds as well.

Considering the large number of distillation permutations (16 to be exact) that could have been used for crafting the oud, the Agar Aura team decided to ask YOU (on our blog) how you wanted this oud. The overwhelming majority clearly wanted a Manaka-style ultra clean, beautiful, and ethereal oud. But three other options received quite a few votes as well.
We ended up making two different Terengganu oud oils:
- one incensey, woody, resinous oud.
- one ultra ethereal and otherwordly oud.

Ukupan Kayu is the first one. Sutera Ungu is the second.

This is one out of only 5 ouds we have produced that combines ALL the distillation techniques we have ever used for crafting ouds (excluding the barnyard genre), since the inception of Agar Aura.
So you will find in this oud the deep oudy quality of Agar Supreme, the syrupy core of Sempurna, the bold and rugged woodiness of Kemewahan, the explosive incensey-resinous blast of Cantik Candan, the 'pop' and sparkle of Pencerahan, as well as the delicate crystalline quality of Berkilau and Manaka Jinkoh.

In short, what you have here is an all-in-one oud experience, combining all the dominant scent genres you have come to know and love in Malaysian ouds. And best of all, this time its exclusively from Terengganu state agarwood, making it our first oud oil from this region.
If Koh Kong is the most prized region for agarwood in Cambodia, Khanh Hoa in Vietnam, and Malinau in Borneo – its none other than Terengganu that shares a similar status in Malaysia.

Her Terengganu sister-distillation, Sutera Ungu, is like Manaka Jinkoh: only experienced Monkoh connoisseurs are able to discern this type of scent when heating agarwood. It is the inner scent dimension of the Terengganu oud aroma.
But Ukupan Kayu is more readily approachable. It is the scent of no-nonsense, straight-up sizzling Terengganu agarwood (no Monkoh diploma required). And since every single permutation of Agar Aura distillation techniques was employed, the scent profile covers every single peak and valley of the Terengganu scent spectrum.

So its no exaggeration that Ukupan Kayu is a one-size-fits-all oud that's sure to satisfy every ouddict's cravings, with a price tag that makes it accessible for one and all!

Received the oils yesterday SubanAllah , the UKUPAN KAYU is incredible , floral notes from another world, top note is tangy with a hint a of Kinam , half way through the middle note I thought it had a Laotian scent profile that hit my olfactory senses. The silage is amazing. The dry down is so tangy with floral notes that my hand and nose was stuck together for the whole day.
I.R. (Canada)

Ukupan Kayu , une très bonne huile , d'un très bon rapport qualité prix. Moins riche peut être que Sutera Ungu , dans le sens où son odeur reste davantage sur un même registre : enfumé , odeur que je dirais "saline" ; je perçois le rapprochement avec kemewahan , avec Berkilau aussi ou Manaka Jinkoh. Mais en fait moins variée et moins subtile que ces dernières... Cela dit , cette odeur enfumée/saline est tellement appréciable que Ukupan Kayu vaut la peine dans une collection.
J.S. (France)

Beautiful top notes reminds me of your top end malay distillations, I would say berkilau on top of my head, although need to do a side by side comparison. Also it reminds me of some thai oud top notes, and its super oudy. I would certainly love to see more of these coming, even it means non incense grade, certainly would be a client for hindi and crassnas of this type,
Y.B. (France)

Ukupan Kayu!! I've been spending the last few days bathing in this one. Man, for the price, best Malaysian I've smelled yet. When i first put it on i was having a difficult time referencing it to any oud I'd smelled before. Totally new experience. You referenced a few ouds in your description and the only one i have smelled out of those is berkilau. I was looking for this note in kayu but until last night it was very fleeting if even existent. This morning i took two large swipes and there it is. Bright as day itself. Berkilau. Very Incensy. Of course it's not berkilau, but i am so happy to have purchased the quantity i did of this one because it reminds me of my favorite oud of yours( berkilau) but with a lighter twist and an almost guilt free price...hehe.
M.N. (Canada)

Ukupan Kayu in its class is a winning, strong oudyness green, mint anise, with a round red note that does not appear at first but later, as the nose on your face you can not miss it, making a note think red fruit, longevity is exellent, one last point it is much like Agar Attar :).
Now I know what is a good quality standard, a knowledge that is welcome, thank you Taha.
F.Y. (France)