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Oud Urjuani

Oud Urjuani is quite possibly the prettiest oud oil ever distilled.

When it comes to most ouds from Cambodia and Thailand, they're all more or less different arrangements of the same common notes of plums, apricots, raisins and rugged woodiness. What makes one oud stand out above the rest is usually the balance of the notes, and the smoothness and cleanness of the scent.

Oud Urjuani, although 100% Thai oud, shares almost nothing in common with other ouds from this region.

Ditch the usual fall fruits and instead, think flowers. Lots of flowers. Purple flowers. Very purple flowers. Notes of fruits are present as well, but they're not the usual fruits. Even the fruits are purple. They're sticky, they're exotic, and they're exclusively Thai.

The agarwood stock used to produce this oil was gently hydro-distilled in a copper pot, and as is the preferred practice of AgarAura, the oil was separated and collected in the earliest stages of distillation, to capture only the most pristine aromatic compounds from the wood. Typically, distillations run for many days, even weeks, and although more oil does get extracted it does not possess the same allure or refinement.

Oud Urjuani opens with a clean and bright floral aroma, sweet and smooth, devoid of any harshness or anything even remotely animalic or fecal. Instead, what you will encounter is just about the most flirty and sensual oud you've ever smelled. A deep and soul-caressing syrupy oud character emerges slowly and coupled with the floral and fruity notes, it creates a flawless perfume-like composition so beautiful its just about enough to make you swoon. Although quite tenacious, Oud Urjuani is very soft and gentle. If you've been searching for an oud that's not too bold or assertive, look no further.

As soon as I opened the bottle it floated out at me like a laughing genie waving bright purple, green and red scarves waving in the air- a dancing invitation to its lusciousness. It’s so fruitily dense and thick-smelling. Plump and lusty- it’s ripe juiciness is what stands out the most to my nose. All that moist tobacco, plums, raisins and fig-y goodness- it’s richer than a Christmas fruitcake! On the hidden side- there’s a dollop of dampness, moist earthiness, a tiny bit of plastic (when I first applied it but it disappeared), a short-lived, airy camphor note that I enjoyed because it added some liveliness, and a tiny touch of greenness in the background. That greenness is very welcome because it keeps the oil from be all about dried fruits and reminds us of the youthfulness and light. But mainly it’s brown sugar-coated baked apples bubbling in the oven studded with currents, dates and a drop of vanilla. To me this is a very ambery, mahogany, sable-colored oil. It doesn’t develop much but that’s totally OK with me because the notes that hang around are so wonderful.
M.W. (USA)

Oud Urjuani is amazing!!!!! You were right, man... I was so taken by the two KK's that I didn't give Urjuani the attention it deserved when the package first arrived. So, I am willing to really stretch my budget this time since these oils are so nice and I haven't ordered in a while..
I would definitely like to add two bottles of Urjuani to my current order!
H.A. (USA)

Taha!  That Urjuani is awesome!!! Purple floral is a good descriptor. I put some on last night and kept thinking - is it Cambodi? - but it's floral!  I kind of get a cherry like note too - I was so intrigued I pulled out all of my Cambo oils to compare. It is very different to my nose to any of them - cherry rather than berry or tropical fruit, floral but in a very rich way, and incensy. Something old school yet unique to it - and super strong to boot! . This morning, even after a shower - I keep smelling my arm where I applied it!
Seriously, I haven't been this taken by an oil for a long time - Thai Crassna - well done dude :)
R.S. (Australia)