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Yang Terang

Oud M1. Cantik Candan. Kemewahan. Berkilau.

Each one of these couldn't be more different from the other - so what do all these ouds have in common? They all feature one of the most versatile of all agarwoods: South Malaysian agarwood from the jungles of the Johor-Pahang border.
And now, our latest oil from the same region: Yang Terang.

Two varieties of agarwood stand out more than the rest, when it comes to offering endless possibilities of scent profiles. They are Gyrinops Spp. (of all regions), and Aqularia Malaccensis of South Malaysia.

Small changes in distillation parameters result in huge changes in the scent of the oil. A nightmare for the average distiller, but a dream come true for an artisanal distiller.

Yang Terang is Berkilau's non-identical twin. The techniques were slightly modified, and instead of a hybrid copper+steel distillation, it was pure copper & glass.

So why is this oil half the price of Berkilau?
As you may know, Agar Aura has its own team of hunters who go into the wildest jungles to harvest fine agarwood. This agarwood is then cleaned and carved by our expert Khmer staff, and the shavings from our sinking grades of agarwood (Super, Double Super, and King Super) are set aside for distillation. When enough of it has been collected, it is used for distilling some of the highest quality oils under the sun.
For crafting Yang Terang, part of our collection of this special wood was used together with the rest of the raw materials. This raw material was essentially 'free' for Agar Aura. When we save on our costs, you know what we do - we pass the savings on to you!
Bottom line: you will never find an oud of this calibre for this price any where else.

Scent profile: the short version is that its Berkilau's green-and-silver twin.
To elaborate: cool crystalline top notes, sweet green woodiness, nutmeg and black pepper, vanilla frosting, white florals intertwined with green florals (imagine sipping a cup of Chrysanthemum tea on your porch, with a breeze carrying the scent of night-blooming Cestrum), tart strawberries with a green tinge, honey-sweetened limeade, and of course an opulent base of South Malaysia's signature sesquiterpenes: α-agarofuran and jinkoh-eremol.

In Berkilau, you experienced the full dosage of South Malay oud intensity. The extraction of every aromatic component was maximized without shaping/manipulating the scent profile. Shock and awe was the aim.
In Yang Terang on the other hand, you will experience something different. Maximum richness, yes, but this time the combination of the apparatus and distillation techniques were used to shape the aroma to enhance two things: the prettiness and oudiness factors simultanously.

If you've been saving your money for a too-good-to-be-true oud, your wait ends now. Yang Terang is an S-Class for the price of a C-Class.

Somehow, and I don't know why, I missed the beauty of Yang Terang. A revisit of my sample (and after sampling and binge buying a lot!), this is the prettiest Malaysian and oudiest oil I've ever tried and a personal favorite (with Pencerahan which I was lucky to grab a bottle recently among few others of yours) not mentioning the price compared to the quality of the raw material.
A.I. (USA)

The Yang is enchanting. The fragrances come out in unexpected order. Nice job of remixing the output.
K.P. (USA)

A spectacular olfactory evolution. Just when I think it is fading on me, the oil surges again. I struggled to describe the experience at first but I think now that Elegant is the word I was looking for. I think it has now taken the top spot in my Oud collection.
R.W. (USA)

Yang really is great, definitely up there with any oud oil I've ever tried, maybe my favorite. It is so complex and extremely oudy!
Customer (USA)

Berkilau is probably my favorite oil I've tried, but it was expensive so I only have a small sample. Yang, at half the price, is a great value and is definitely at the same level as Berkilau. First, it is incredibly oudy, this is the essence of oud amplified beyond anything I've experienced before, and it shows in all of it's facets. This oud has ethereal, crystalline oudy topnotes, a woody side, a sweet side that is very rich and intensely oudy, reminiscent of Crassna but not so fruity, or Hindi without the barnyard. Just a super-rich intense sweet oudiness. And a floral/green side as well.
At times, like this morning, the description Taha wrote seems right on, yesterday with a slightly larger application the sweet/oudy side was far more prominent making the oil seem like a deep dark red twin to Berkilau instead of Taha's description of Yang being a green and silver twin. In all cases the ethereal topnotes last the duration and really make the oud seem lifted and light, the opening is always very intense and strong, with the sweet/oudy side transitioning to a woody/incensy/oudy side in a similar manner to a good Hindi oud, the drydown is nowhere near as intense as the opening of course, but it lasts a very long time and the topnotes persist, giving the oil some projection well into the drydown.
All in all, Yang Terang is an excellent experience and quite a ride!
D.C. (USA)

I am wearing Yang Terang this morning. Absolutely beautiful.
Customer (USA)

Yang terang, reminds me of rakoku jinkoh top notes with a berkilau base.
M.N. (Canada)

J´ai porté aujourd'hui Yang Terang  et ai pu un peu mieux l'analyser. Je comprends bien maintenant l'odeur  boisée sucrée. Je sens aussi la note de vanilline ainsi qu'une odeur fruitée. Tu évoque les fraises et sur le coup , m´est plutôt venue l'odeur de litchis (mais , paraît-il que ça se rapproche au plan gustatif). Par contre je l'ai trouvée assez différente de Berkilau qui me frappait par sa note verte.Elle semble très facile d'utilisation , loin d'être incommodante. Très belle huile...
J.S. (France)

I am enjoying this more and more.  Such a different scent compared to the others that were released and I will likely be ordering a bottle.
J.B. (USA)

The Yang Terang is Fascinating! Initially I get the lighter side of Kemewahan and the greener side of Berkilau, then zesty citrus, candied resin, and a touch of fruits and florals. The base is a combination of the Incense Grade Agarwood Shavings and a Crassna Vibe which stays very close to the skin, but with heat or moisture billows outward with a most unique aroma.
C.C. (USA)

Yang terang, reminds me of rakoku jinkoh top notes with a berkilau base.
M.N. (Canada)

Yang Terang is great and for the price is so nice.
A.K. (France)

I am glad I went with Yang Terang never try before Malaysian oil and you worn me that is VERRRRRRRY oudy, but I think very oudy is exactly my think.
P.Z. (USA)

Right now I'm straight-up Malaysian Oudiness. I like Yang Terang a lot. How does the greeness come about?
C.C. (USA)