Oud Product

Taw-Twin Yatanar

Empty your mind, and prepare yourself for one of the most unusual oudventures you'll ever embark on.

Taw-Twin Yatanar was extracted using the latest technology copper and glass distillation equipment. Although the quality of the raw material as well as the nature of the apparatus had a clear impact on the aroma, this oil primarily represents the impressive results of the new techniques used for crafting Agar Aura oud oils.

It almost doesn't smell like oud. It is the collection of only the most pristine fractions of the agarwood extract, and when you smell it you might almost think its a combination of various botanicals blended into a fine perfume.

Radiant brilliance.
And that's not just a reference to the color.
The opening is a combination of cool transparency (think mountain air), clean woodiness, and a soft vanillic sweetness. A delicate orange blossom note gives the oil a fresh vibe. As the oil develops on your skin, the crisp woody notes become warmer and creamier. Hints of cinnamon and sage honey become more pronounced and overlap with layers of caramel and resinous wood, topped with clementine zest.

Taw-Twin Yatanar and Ahmwei-Do were distilled using identical raw materials and extraction techniques, but two very different setups. This is your chance to explore and discover for yourself the effects of using different apparatus on the aroma of oud oils.

Taw-Twin Yatanar. Unveiling the hidden wonders of Burmese oud.

Just wanted to say I got the package yesterday. The Burma was an awesome choice, so much character and spice...
T.G. (UAE)

It is such a multifaceted gem! The quality, and amazing cohesion of its bouquet (despite so many divergent notes), are extraordinary, especially given its age and price.
C.G. (USA)

Taw-Twin Yantanar, ethereal to the max.  The opening is like pure potential...where are we going?  Then it settles and it just starts to give one color after another.  Its is so light but it has its own strength.  Sometimes I am amazed at what pops out in the atmosphere around me from wrist with just a drop of this oil.  So cool.
J.P. (USA)

Taw-Twin Yatanar is Oud of Spring, it has a surprising green note in the opening, artichoke, squashed lemon rind note with perhaps touch of galbanum. And it's herbal grassy of May fragrance, Flora's juices overflowing, but the setting changes to Mediterranean after a while, when spicy background and faint saltiness arrives, hints of pine trees and marjoram. Drydown is green bittery grassy, but of a particularly nice profile.
A.A. (Croatia)

So consider one of the bottles of Taw-Twin sold. This is unlike anything I have worn before!
M.M. (Canada)

Wonderful progression of all the various notes! Smooth and peaceful, this oil is a true pleasure to experience.
Customer (USA)

Taw-Twin Yatanar is unlike ouds I have tried in the past, but the features are unmistakably oudy... it is very sweet in a way I associate with Cambodi or Hindi ouds, but also contains a lighter, cooler woodiness that stops short of being as ethereal as the woody note in Borneo ouds, but it is similar. At it's heart there is the unmistakable oud note. I am thinking the woodiness in this oud is made softer and creamier by virtue of the copper still used, while I have not tried it's twin, Ahmwei-do, I imagine that distillation would trade some of the soft and creamy woodiness for a more ethereal and aggressive woody note. This smells very much like the oud used in Ariya as well, and is more like a composed perfume than most other ouds I have tried by virtue of having scent components that are a bit at odds with one another, it does not seem like the sweet and woody aspect of this oud could possible come from the same source! This oud has very good lasting power, it takes at least 6 hours to go through it's major transformations and then lingers for many hours after with a sweet woody drydown.
D.C. (USA)

Just got a snifter of those two samples and wow that  oud oil is a whole new direction.goodness ! thats a lot of funk in the trunk .the orange blossom had a bitter almondy edge I really love..
C.T. (UK)

Really awesome oil, so rich and complex.. Nice color too - easily the lightest colored oil in my collection..
J.M. (USA)