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Oud Zamrud

Yes, its green. And yes, its 100% pure oud.

Southern Indonesian islands give us ouds with some of the most unusual and also the most diverse palettes of scent notes. If you haven't tried ouds from Belitung, Maluku, Kupang, and other exotic Indonesian islands, you will be amazed by how different they smell compared to more 'conventional' ouds like Indian and Thai.
Oud Zamrud hails from one such island in the South China Sea, and when it comes to unusualness this oil takes first place.

With only incense-grade wood going into the distillation pot, and an especially designed extraction process to craft this oud, Oud Zamrud is a high quality oud boasting a scent profile that is full of surprises.

As soon as you apply the oil to your wrist and inhale, you are transported to a lush island jungle where every leaf and grass blade is exuding an intense leafy-green aura. The shore is not far; as you continue to inhale, you encounter an oceanic salty-sweet ethereal note that bears an uncanny resemblance to the finest silver ambergris. Like fairy dust, it adds a sparkle to the aroma and gives it a wonderful lightness.

As the scent evolves, it gets sweeter and brighter. Sniff your wrist, and you are greeted with sweet licorice-infused notes of Australian Blue Cypress. But the oceanic ambergrissy element ensures the sweetness never gets too cloying.

The drydown is reminiscent of classic Borneo oud, but with soft suggestions of ambergris and matcha.

If you think you've already experienced every type of oud out there, give Oud Zamrud a try. Boasting an unparalleled complexity and diverse scent profile that surprasses even the finest Indian ouds, this oil will easily be the most unusual oud in your entire collection.

Oud Fougere is very nice, and I would like to live with it another day or two before deciding whether or not I want to buy a bottle or two.
Oud Zamrud is another story... that one touched me immediately!!!!  I'm sure you're not at all surprised since you know my tastes so well.  :)
Not sure if you can do any quantity discount, but I would definitely like to buy at least 4 bottles of Zamrud if possible.
H.A. (USA)

With a swipe I am greeted with the scent of green tea laced with vanilla and licorice. As the scent evolve hints of ocean air appear.  Soon enough the salty marine/animalic qualities akin to ambergris that Taha has described comes to fore. Through out its development the oceanic qualities weaves in and out of its scent development with notes of vanilla, tea, powder and wood. An unmistakable Aussie blue cypress note is truly surprising facet of this oil. The dry down is reminiscent of pine with the sea shore echoing not far away.  A truly beautiful oil that teases images of islands in the topics...
B.V. (Australia)

The opening is actually very bright and green and is probably the most refreshing oud oil I've ever experienced.
C.S. (USA)

This is one of the most interesting oud oils I have ever tried. You first notice intense almost bitter green notes, the closest I can compare them to is a green tea, but more complex. The green notes are balanced by sweet notes reminiscent of anise or licorice. There is also a undercurrent of vapory, smoky woodiness that the best Borneo oud oils have. This is a complete fragrance by itsself, it is hard to believe it is not a composed attar. This is one of the few oud oils I would be happy to wear on it's own. Amazing!
D.C. (USA)

I found Oud Zamrud's distinctly green spirit in the background to be different from any other I've tried. I enjoy it a lot.
L.B. (USA)

O my Great Spirit Taha!  Those samples are amazing.  Especially the Oud Zamrud & The Oud Fougere.
E.T. (USA)