Oud Product

Basic Hindi

You might ask, "Taha, did you under-price this oud?", and the answer is a resounding "NO".

The fact of the matter is, Basic Hindi was juiced from standard grade 'churan' shavings and NOT incense-grade chips. Nor incense-grade final-stage shavings.
And so, if you've been paying more for this caliber of oud (i.e. non-truly-incense grade raw materials) you've likely been overspending.

Considering the fact that Basic Hindi is 10% the price of Hindustan No.1 (both wild-crafted, both from the same state in India, Nagaland), it should give you an indication of how dramatically the cost of the oil differs depending on the raw material that was distilled.
In this day and age, incense-grade wild agarwood is costly enough. Make that Indian agarwood, and you'll start to understand why genuine incense-grade Indian oud oils are so costly.
Fact: since the 1940's, true wild agarwood has been scarcer in India than any other country, Vietnam included.

So, Basic Hindi...
This is a clean, non-fermented, non-barnyard Indian oud. No clever tricks, no funny business. No fancy story. No incense-grade raw material that would have made the oil at least four times costlier (using the intro level of wild incense-grade Indian agarwood).
No sirree; this is just a simple, pure, intro level, wild-harvested, copper-crafted Indian oud.

Scent notes:
Sweet wood, subtle suggestions of spices warmed in the sun, dry hay, sun-cured tobacco, and a touch of suede.
In other words, a straight up no-nonsense wild Indian oud, done right, and the only intro-level Agar Aura Indian oud oil in the past 8 years.

Don't expect the mind-bending effects of our high end Gen3 oud oils.
But if you like to use oud oil as a fragrance, happen to love the aroma of Indian agarwood, then you are in for a real treat!