Oud Product


It suffices to say that Cintaku is virtually identical in aroma to Royal Malaya - and that should get anyone excited, especially if you weren't able to grab a bottle of the latter.

Distilled from amazing high grade and high quality wood from the very same batch as Royal Malaya, Cintaku is the perfect example of why a heavy-hitting Malaysian oud often ends up at the top of the list for many oud connoisseurs.

So what does Cintaku smell like?
"Exactly like bubbling Kedah agarwood chips" might not sound too informative even though its the most accurate description, so here's a more detailed breakdown:
Oudy-sweet, vanilla-and-spice-dusted mulberries, dark green jungle, tamarind-spiked cola, blueish purple florals and pepper from another planet.

Like her sister Royal Malaya, Cintaku leaves me at a loss of words; the 🧠⚡️ is far too powerful to be able to focus and process the aroma to put into words.

"Cintaku" means "my love" in the Bahasa Malaysia language, and one swipe will be enough to make you understand why this oil earned that title.

I think I might sell my soul for this. Oh my lord.
I swear to you when I say, it literally smells so awesome it makes me have the same feeling you get when you smoke the absolute perfect cigar. That welling up inside feeling. Wow...
I sincerely can’t believe it. Sounds like the ravings of a crazy person but it’s true.
Truly magical things are so rare...especially when you get to be our age. I think it only comes when your children do things that blow your mind...otherwise, it’s a very rare instance that any “product” has that type of impact.
Z.W. (USA)

Such a beauty
B.A. (Kuwait)

Yesterday when I toke strong breath of Cintaku I felt my soul left the body. This feeling I love
B.A. (Kuwait)

I just swiped some Cintaku. All I smell is vaporous mind buzz at the start
A.Z. (USA)

The other oil I've spent some time with is Cintaku and I really like the pretty cola.
J.L. (USA)

Cintaku is next level ... dont know how Royal Malaya was but Cintaku is one of the best Malay if not the best Malay ...
D.P. (India)

Cintaku is
🤯 That is the Bomb
I found Cintaku kind of a shapeshifter ... between that green Malaya note and Cola note.
It has more cola vibe than Malaya ... atleast to my nose
D.P. (India)

man cintaku is smelling nice tonight...
I even enjoy it a bit more than makhota in some aspects
T.D. (USA)

Cintaku is more of a mysterious green blue jungle scent with cola like nuances and crushes peppers from another planet.
T.D. (USA)

Today I applied Cintaku. Mashallah very different. Has some like boiling milk profile. Has also green tone
N. R. (Oman)

Yeah - so cintaku is obviously royal grade when compared to mulia and high sik - it is more rich - very interesting how the three relate.
I will have to do a 3 way comparison soon.
Mulia is still a beast - but the Royal grade is more refined and beautiful.
J.W. (USA)