Oud Product


You asked for it, and you got it!

Given the immense popularity of Kayu Melayu, there just had to be another batch of Malaysian oud that was easy on the wallet but without sacrificing the craftsmanship quality you've come to expect in Agar Aura's oud oils.
Once again 100% wild-harvested raw materials, painstakingly distilled with love and care, but this time although the general 'grade' of wood is the same ('kayu minyak'), D'Or is overall a couple notches superior.

Zesty, effervescent, punchy, rugged, OUDY... yesss, this is Malaysian to the bone.

Once again, no funk, swampy notes, leather, decay, 'morgue smell', moldy cardboard or other such notes that plague run o' the mill Malaysian brews. Just straight up 'squeezed wood', like Kayu Melayu. Wood, wood, and more wood.
However, D'Or is after all a couple of notches higher, and so the bittersweet resinous chords of the drydown are more apparent through and through, right from the get-go. The sharper woody notes are also smoothed out by it.

One of the most delightful aspects of Kayu Melayu was its golden brilliance. D'Or literally means golden, and this oud oil zooms in even more on those brilliant chords.

D'Or... golden sunshine in a bottle.

Very people friendly. Very addictive 😂. I can’t wait what’s coming up next from you. Thank you sir, for making incredible oils every time!
R.H. (USA)

It is a lovely oil. Very bright, sunny, fresh, and invigorating. I like to wear it in the morning before going for a walk. I get a fresh vibe when I wear it on colder days. Very uplifting.
A.S. (USA)

I am wearing Agar Aura oud oil to work today and yesterday and it calms me down during work, thank you!
P.H. (Hong Kong)

It is full on wood, however, I do get another note and I don't know how to describe it. I swear sometimes it reminds of pine needles. It is an utterly fascinating oil. To be quite honest, I didnt like D'or the first time I smelled it, now I can't stop sniffing my wrists. I am a huge music nut, and my fave albums are the ones I didn't like on first listen.
What are other people saying?
Being fairly new to oil it blows my mind how every oil has such different notes, and how an oil can change during an 8 to 12 hour period.
T.F. (USA)

I have a bottle of D'or that I use everyday and very much like the smell of it. I am buying 5 to gift my family :)
L.D. (USA)

Wow definitely an oil i would use on a hot summer day, it has a cooler effect of ocean breeze...
In addition , D’Or would be a great layering oud oil in my opinion and extenuates goodness of other oils , similar to what real musk or ambergris does
I.S. (USA)